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Day Three- Yippee! Llamapalooza and the Third Day of Classes

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017

Save Hamilton the pig! A.k.a. catch the water balloon

Wakey wakey, eggs n’ bakey! Cara here on this beautiful, sunny morning with all the latest from last night’s evening program, Llamapalooza! I mean, Meg’s Rodeo! Or, maybe… both? Luna and I aren’t quite sure to be honest.

Regardless, what we do know is that it was a whole lot of fun. After an outdoor dinner of hamburgers and french fries with all the fix-ins, we gathered in Deer Meadow’s Field. Campers traveled in cabin groups to different activities throughout the evening. There was a water balloon toss, an obstacle course, and a dizzy bat challenge. We also practiced our llama spitting skills with peas, played giant tic-tac-toe by tossing frisbees onto a tarp, (Tic-Tac-Tobee!) and used our awesome dance moves to try and get ping-pong balls out of a booty-box. After each cabin had cycled through the rotation, we gathered on the hill to watch the Counselor Wakeup Challenge. Each cabin nominated one AWAC or counselor for a silly race of getting out of a “sleeping bag” (garbage bag,) putting on a whacky costume, eating cereal without using hands and reciting the alphabet backwards. We had a blast cheering on the competitors. In the end, everyone felt like a winner!

Today is the third day of classes – wahoo! Everyone seems to be settling in just fine as we get into the swing of camp. This morning’s breakfast included egg bar (yes!), sausages, and tater tots. We headed over to the gazebo and had an extra silly and fun morning meeting. At the end of the interest groups announcements, Meg split the camp into groups to sing a special tune. This could only mean one thing- CUCUMBER SACRIFICE! This long-awaited ritual marks the end of a young cucumber’s life, for it is time for this cucumber to become a pickle. There was a bit of a mix-up, as Liam (Meg’s orbiting companion,) held up Cucumber the kitten instead of the vegetable! Not to worry, no kittens were harmed and the confusion was quickly sorted out. We are now patiently awaiting a taste of the first Meg’s Planet pickles of the season.

Right now, we are enjoying another day of classes. Stained glass projects are coming along, ukuleles are strumming, and goals are being scored on the soccer field. It will be nice to have a change of pace with the first Lazy Day of the session tomorrow. The younger half will be going on a trip to Lake St. George while the older half will stay on camp for Reality TV Day!

Tonight’s evening program is Electives, a classic camp favorite. After dinner, we will meet at the soccer field. All counselors and staff will stand on the field and announce a different activity that they will be running. Campers can choose to do whatever activity they want. It’s sort of a “choose your own” evening program! After being split into three groups, the quietest group of campers will be released for first pick of the activities. Luna and I can’t wait to see what activities there will be to choose from. We’ll be sure to give you the scoop tomorrow.

Wishing a lovely Wednesday to all!

Cara B.


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