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Dancing and Busting Myths and Superheroes and more!

Friday, July 31st, 2015


Good moooooooooorning!! What a beautiful day to continue with our classes! But I hear there’s a chance of schvitz… CANDY SCHVITZ!!! The Official Humming Bird Cat Nap Candy Drop Probability O’Meter is beeping OFF THE CHARTS today, with a predicted probability of 95.44%!! Cat Nap and I, Humming Bird, are reading our pillowcases for the showers, because it’s always important to be prepared!!

Last night we had the Half Moon Jug Band here to perform for us at camp!! They played their classics, like The Cat Came Back, Get Back to my Baby, and– a personal favorite of Cat Nap’s and mine– TUNA NOODLE!! We danced our furry tails off to that one! It was a super duper fun night and we all tired ourselves out for a fabulous night’s sleep, in order to have TONS of energy today for our classes!!

We’ve got lots of pictures for you of the Half Moon Jug Band’s show last night, in addition to some pictures of Myth Busters Day!! Check them out below!!

And tune back in tomorrow for updates on tonight’s evening program: THE HEROS AND VILLAINS DANCE!! All of Hidden Valley’s baddest villains and most valiant superheroes will reveal their secret identities at this SUPER dance! (Hehehehe, geddit??) We’ll have pictures for you tomorrow, so check back in!!

We’re off to iron our capes!

Chirp, Hum, Meow,

Humming Bird and Cat Nap

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