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Counting the Hours Until Second Session!!

Saturday, July 22nd, 2023

Hey there!!

It’s currently the final day of Intersession, the second of two days between when first session ends and the second begins. Shoutout to the Ladybugs (our hardworking cleaning staff) for getting camp up to snuff for the next month!

The six and eight-week campers who have participated in camp’s Intersession activities – a.k.a. ‘Intersessioners’ – enjoyed a lovely state park outing and cozy movie night in the Rec Hall on Thursday before hopping on the bus for their epic whitewater rafting trip yesterday morning! When they get back this evening they’ll move into their second session cabins, where they’ll be joined by the rest of their cabin mates tomorrow – so soon!!

Also, our brilliant team of second session AWACs (short for ‘Awaiting Work As a Counselor’, select older campers who assist counselors) have arrived and settled into their new abodes too! We’re pumped for all the spirit, talent and fine-tuned camp knowledge they’ll bring to their cabins 🙂

In the meantime, counselors have been busy preparing for the campers’ arrival including setting up activity areas, decorating cabins and learning a bit about their cabin members. The only thing missing now is that extra-special ingredient, the campers themselves!

For a sneak-peek of cabin life, here’s a list of the cabin themes:

LCH: LCRagers

Avalon: Automatons

Loons: Tunes

Bermuda Triangle: Bermuda Orchestral Triangles

Forbidden Planet: Kitchens

Wombles: in Wonderland

French Quarter: Quacks (Ducks)

Paquatahnee: Popsicles

Muskingum: Mermaids

Gimme Shelter: Gimme Shel-turtles

Valhalla: Vampires

Fiddler’s Green: Fiddler’s Queens

Camelot: Capybaras

Shangri-La: Schvitz (rain!)

Haley’s Comet: Constellations

Taj Majal: Taj Ma’disco

Hang in there (a la moi),

The Dining Hall Dragon


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