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(Contra) Dancing Our Way Into Our Cabins!

Tuesday, June 20th, 2023

Tuesday, June 20th, 2023


In case we haven’t met, I’m the Dining Hall Dragon (a.k.a. the bright inflatable creature gracing our dining hall ceiling)! 

Hope everyone had a great Juneteenth. Here at camp, the staff experienced an interactive exhibition created by a team of staff in recognition of the holiday. The music-animated event featured a slideshow showcasing the day’s history, thought-provoking conversation starters and a true-or-false sticky-note wall.    

Field trip alert! Counselors piled into buses (and cars) for a trip to Camden. Though there were more puddles to jump in than many might have hoped, counselors sought dry shelter under the pavilion where they ate lunch, listened to music and hung out in classic camp fashion. A great day with a view of the ocean! Before returning to camp, there was no way the counselors could pass up a stop in town. Counselors wandered into the many quaint shops. 

New things are appearing all over camp! The sun, our fickle friend, is beginning to come out from behind the clouds, drying the swampy backyard. Counselors found out what classes they will be teaching…AND the cabins they will be living in during first session!!! 

After a delicious lasagna dinner, counselors returned to the dining hall tables with pens and paper to begin to fill lesson plan sheets. I, of course, flew above, watching these super talented and skilled people brainstorm. It was so exciting to see what’s in store for the first two weeks. What a variety of classes to choose from! I wish I could take them all but as usual, I’ll be hanging out in the dining hall all summer. 

Last night following a scrumptious Juneteenth-inspired meal, counselors moved into the cabins where they will live during first session! Cabin assignments also meant finding out more about all of the campers. Moving in is one of the many steps in continuously preparing for the campers’ arrival when we all get to say “home sweet home!”

See ya when the lines are out the lunch doors! 

The Dining Hall Dragon 

P.S. See below for more photos of staff contra dancing and Llamapalooza!



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