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Chewonki Comes to Camp!

Tuesday, July 6th, 2021

Hey there!

Yesterday we had some visitors here at HVC. Our visitors were of both the human and owl variety. Chewonki came to camp! Chewonki is an organization that hopes to inspire appreciation and stewardship of the natural world. They have a school, a camp and they travel and do presentations like they did for us yesterday!  We had two presentations: Flippers and Fins and Owls of Maine. And they brought real, live owls! It was a hoot! These presentations happened after lunch. Our morning was filled with pool activities and a backyard water party!

In the evening we had two evening programs. The younger and middle half had a chance to reflect on what they’d learned from their Chewonki experience. There were four stations they could chose from to reflect on their learning. They could: write about it, sing about it, draw about it, or act it out! After about a half hour at these stations we came all back together and they the opportunity to share what they’d worked on. Songs were sun, acts were acted- it was awesome!

Meanwhile, the older half had “Camper’s Night Off”. They spent their evening straight chillin’ at the basketball court. Shootin’ hoops, chatting in crazy creek circles, and strumming guitars.

All around, it was a fabulous day! Don’t forget to check out the photos!

See ya later!

-Sadie the Llama

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