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Check out these cool classes!!

Friday, July 26th, 2019

Rise N’ Shine HVC!!! It’s Mag-O-Llama and Hummingbird here and today is a great day to have a great day!!! 🙂

Last night’s evening program was Willie Claflin and IT WAS AMAZING!!! 🙂 From silly and fun camp songs to hilarious puppets and some really lovely storytelling, it was quite a fantastic night!

Let’s look at some of the lovely featured classes that HVC has to offer for the first two weeks of the session! First up is outreach outdoors! Outreach is a unique class that takes a trip off camp every day. Campers go out into the world to learn about the greater community that camp is part of, and to talk about ways we can all make the world a better place! On the first day of classes, Outreach went to a local playground that was made of recycled materials; then they took a trip to Belfast to sit by the harbor and discuss what we can do to create community. Next up they went to an animal shelter in Thomaston to read to the adoptable dogs! Did you know reading to dogs not only helps kids get comfortable with reading, but it ALSO socializes the pups and makes them more adoptable! That’s a win-win for Outreach! Check out photos of our readers below! And stay tuned for more! Today Outreach is going to a local pond to clean up trash, and tomorrow they’ll be headed to a blueberry farm to pick some of Maine’s beautiful, tasty blueberries!!

Next up, let’s talk about Hidden Valley ALIVE!! Alive is our advanced arts program for teen campers. They live in cabins with the rest of camp, but they take more advanced classes, and they go on some really spectacular trips! Yesterday some of the Alive campers headed on down to Portland for a special trip to the Portland Art Museum and then they saw… Drum roll, please… MAGGIE ROGERS IN CONCERT!!! She has a few popular songs on the radio right now, and campers in the Alive advanced music classes have been learning about her work. All that learning finally paid off when they got to SEE HER LIVE IN CONCERT OMG SHE WAS RIIIIIGHT THEEEERE!!!! Wow. Check out the photo’s from that amazing trip! And stay tuned for more Alive madness to come!

We’re off to check out the ropes course!

Mag-O-Llama and Hummingbird! 🙂




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