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Deja Vu, It’s Session Two!

Friday, July 20th, 2018

Taj campers, Kat and Finn!

Good evening, night owls! Cara B. here with the late night scoop.

Today after a much needed rest and celebration of a successful first session, our staff returned to camp to prepare for second session! After reflecting on all of the excitement last month, counselors got acquainted with their new co counselors, did some lesson planning for classes, and helped with various work projects around camp.

In the afternoon, our intersession campers returned from their trip! They visited Fort Knox and the Penobscot Narrows Observatory- it must have been awesome view from up in the observation tower, which is 420′ above sea level! Be sure to check out photos from the trip below.

After a delicious dinner cooked by our lovely Forbidden Planet counselors, we gathered in the backyard for cabin for cabin preparations. We made bunk and cubby tags, welcome signs, chore charts, mailboxes, shower schedules, and more! Good thing we had help from our intersessioners to complete all the lovely decorations. Each cabin has a new theme for the coming session:

The looney toons of Loons

Down Under the sea

Gimme Shelter ghosts

French 1/4 Flamingos

Paquatahnee in paradise

Avalon aviators

Lower Carriage House  Llamas, Cows, and Chickens

Shangri-Let it snow!

Chateau Fiasco dough bros

Wombles waffles

Camelot jam-a-lot

Wabanaki in wonderland


Fiddler’s Green flames

Bermuda Triangle burritos

Forbidden Planet  kitchen

Taj Ma-fall

Celestial ALIVE! 

Wow! The night was full of fun, laughter, and lots of glitter! Once our cabin decorations were finished, campers headed to their cabins to unpack and get a good night’s sleep. Later this evening, some international campers will be arriving to join the intersessioners in their bunks!

Tomorrow is Arrival Day, which will mark the official start of second session! We’ll be hanging out in the front yard all day long making friendship bracelets and name tags, playing frisbee and guitar, and welcoming campers as they arrive. Mama Iguana and I are beyond psyched for a whole new session- there is so much fun and excitement ahead! I’ve got to get some shut eye before the big day tomorrow. For now, enjoy some photos from intersession and cabin prep.

Nighty night and sleep tight!

Cara B. Ner

A Bittersweet Departure- Let Intersession Begin!

Thursday, July 19th, 2018

The silent walk up to Pinegrove

Good morning, early birds! It’s yaaawwwn Cara B. here with a departure day update.

Last night after we ate our delicious dinner of lobster and ice cream and thanked the kitchen staff for all the yummy meals they prepared for us, we closed out the session up at Pine Grove. We gathered at the bottom of Tipi Hill and walked up in silence to reflect on our summer together. There were so many fabulous acts! Most cabins opted for some sing-a-long faves over the HVC classics, which was a cool change of pace! We sang “This is Me” from Camp Rock, the theatrical portion of “Bohemian Rhapsody,” the iCarly theme song, “Count on Me,” “Waving Through a Window,” “Electric Love,” and “Hey Jude!” French 1/4 led us in a special version of “Wagon Wheel” about Hidden Valley, and some girls from Taj sang an original song as well. Forbidden Planet shared a song they wrote about their cabin that was absolutely hilarious, and the AWACs led us in a dramatic rendition of “Every Time We Touch” which got everyone dancing. Atlantis led us in the penguin song for some more dancing, and Peter and Gabe, the pottery guru, helped us sing “Ayo-Bo-Diddley-Bop.”

As our songs and stories around the fire drew to a close, cabins made their way down Tipi Hill with candles in hand. We walked down in a line lighting candles and blowing them out to give goodbye hugs. We may have shed a tear or two, but it was so wonderful to have a special moment with everyone on camp before we went our separate ways.

This morning, we woke up suuppeerr early to Taj Mahal and Forbidden Planet singing their favorite songs. We headed out still cozy in pjs and blankets and grabbed a light breakfast before saying goodbye to campers leaving on buses. We sent them off by dancing the funky chicken and waving goodbye as they drove down camp road. Be sure to check the Hidden Valley Facebook page for travel updates from the buses throughout the day.

After the buses left and the majority of campers were on their way, we enjoyed a heartier second breakfast. Right now, everyone is hanging out around main camp as we wait for families to arrive to pick up the remaining campers. Staff are out and about preparing for second session and campers staying for intersession will be heading off for a trip to Fort Knox State Park later today.

Mama Iguana and I will be off the blog for a little while, but we’ll be back Friday night with all the latest from the intersession trip and second session cabin preparations. Thanks for following along with us this fantastic first session, it’s been a pleasure! Enjoy photos from the lobster banquet and departure day.

‘Till next time!

Cara B. Ner

Packing Up Luggage and Memories!

Wednesday, July 18th, 2018

Valhalla having a dance party!

Greetings, bloggers! Cara B. here with a marvelous packing day update.

Last night after a ravioli dinner, we had the Fair Day dance! Everyone had a blast dancing, hanging out, and signing each other’s white books. This morning, we woke up to the classic packing day breakfast of yummy, warm cinnamon rolls- score!  We had our final morning meeting in the front yard where we went over luggage labeling, proper packing protocols for art projects and valuables, and a huuuggeee lost and found walkthrough. Campers staying for intersession had a meeting to talk about their awesome trips and received a special packing list for the next few days. We heard the final thought de jour, pun of the day, and spirit animal of the day, before packing day commenced.

Back at our cabins, we packed our bags and did a BIG cabin clean- we aired out our mattresses, wiped down our cubbies, and prepared to face our toughest cabin inspectors yet: Peter and Meg and the PDs!! Once we were all packed up and passed cleaning inspection, we headed over to the backyard for a lunch that included Fair Day leftovers- double score! After lunch, we enjoyed a quick rest period and did a special cabin activity with our cabin groups. Here’s what everyone got up to:

Wombles made s’mores

Avalon also made s’mores!

Gimme Shelter decorated cabin t-shirts

Loons more s’mores!

Down Under also decorated cabin t-shirts!

Paquatahnee did Tipi zip!

The Burrow had a 70’s dance party and popped balloons!

Shangri-La signed and decorated their cabin shirts

LCH had a birthday party

French 1/4 decorated cabin t-shirts

Atlantis reenacted the World Cup!

Chateau Fiasco did build and destroy at the end of the world

Treasure Island did an art project reflecting on their time at camp

Fiddler’s Green wrote warm and fuzzies and made custom mason jars

Valhalla also wrote warm and fuzzies and had a dance party!

Camelot made s’mores and signed pictures

Wabanaki made giant friendship bracelets and shared their favorite memories of the summer

Haley’s Comet did horse vaulting

Forbidden Planet played card games and wrote warm and fuzzies

Taj Mahal made s’mores and talked about their favorite memories from the summer

Whew! It all sounds like so much fun! Right now, everyone is gathered in the front yard for a big transportation meeting and luggage move. Afterwards, we’ll chill in the backyard until our final evening meeting of the session.

Tonight is the Lobster Banquet and Closing Pine Grove! We’ll enjoy a special dinner of lobster, chicken parm, or spanakopita served to us by our counselors! There will also be Ben & Jerry’s for dessert, of course, given out by Meg and Sandia in all of their cow-suited glory. Once our bellies are full, we’ll gather at the bottom of Tipi Hill to walk up to Pine Grove in silence guided by torch light. There, we’ll have a big bonfire to close out the session and celebrate the wonderful community we created this month with stories and songs. We’ll end the night with a candle lighting procession in order to say goodbye to everyone at camp before we depart tomorrow. It should be an absolutely beautiful evening- Mama Iguana and I will be sure to tell you all about it tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, you’ll hear from us bright and early! We have a 4:45am wake up in order to grab breakfast and get everyone sorted before the buses leave. Stay tuned for all the latest from departure day tomorrow. For now, enjoy photos from the Fair Day Dance, packing day, and cabin activities!

Later, gators!

Cara B. Ner


A Fabulous Fair Day!

Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

Hanging out by the inflatable slide!

Hello! Long time no talk! It’s Mama Iguana and I am here to talk about all the fun Fair Day activities of today!

The day started off with camp congregating on the soccer field for the Brumby Horse Show! The Brumby Show is put on by campers who are in a program within camp that is specific to horse riding. The campers spend early mornings, rest period, fourth period and fifth period working with the horses. The Brumby campers and staff work extra hard during the session to put together an amazing show for camp to see. Each camper showed off what they had been learning. It was so impressive. Go Brumby!

After the show, everyone walked down to the backyard for Fair Day!!! Each cabin had a specific booth that they ran. Campers worked in a rotation of shifts so everyone got a chance to enjoy the fair. Here’s a list of what booth each cabin ran!

Forbidden Planet and Apprentices Fried dough

Taj Mahal Kiss-O-Grams

Wabanaki Ice Cream

Fiddlers Green Drinks

Valhalla Marriage Booth

French Quarter Face Paint

Chateau Fiasco Sumo Wrestling

Treasure Island Water Toss Game

Shangri La Ski Ball

Wombles DJ

Camelot Inflatable Jousting

Down Under Fortune Telling

Paquatahnee Chocolate Fountain

Avalon Poop Shoot

Loons Moon Bounce

Atlantis Name Change

The Burrow Jelly Bean Count

Gimme Shelter Inflatable Slide

Lower Carriage House Pretzels

Along with all the amazing booths, there was also an art show! All of the campers art work was put on display throughout the Hilton, Red Barn, and Pottery Studio for everyone to see! This was our last chance to see all the hard work campers have put into their art projects before they get all packed up to be brought home!

Once the fair came to an end, cabins were assigned to specific areas to clean. Now, it looks like Fair Day never even happened! Nice work, campers! Everyone is now gathered in the Rec Hall to watch a slide show of camp highlights, videos made by campers the second two weeks, a highlights video, and Rock Band and Ukulele performances.

Tonight is our last dance of the session! After dinner, campers will head to the Rec Hall for one last dance all together! And tomorrow is… Packing Day! You’ll hear all about that tomorrow from Cara B. and I.

That’s it for now! Check out photos from Fair day and the run this morning!

See ya later alligator,

Mama Iguana

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