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Candy Crush, Quidditch, Man Hunt, and More!

Sunday, August 5th, 2018

Candy Crush oompa loompas!

Hello hello hello! It’s me, Cara B., back again with the latest HVC news.

Last night at evening meeting after our usual announcements, there was still more in store- BABY FOOD!! Peter called up the victims volunteers to adorn blindfolds, taste a selection of super yucky-disgusting baby food, and try and guess the flavor. When it came time for the big spoon, sibling rivalry took hold when Mitchell and Aaron fed each other the gross goop airplane style. The hilarious and silly spectacle was the perfect appetizer both for our dinner that evening and for tonight’s evening program- The Wheel of Misfortune!

After a yummy dinner of chicken burgers, fries, and blondies for dessert, cabins went their separate ways for several different evening programs. Loons, Down Under, French 1/4, Paquatahnee, and Gimme Shelter headed to the backyard for Candy Crush! Threatened by the success of Grandma Nut’s independent candy franchise, the evil Willy Wonka and his team of AWAC oompa loompas hid her candy all across camp to try and run her out of business. Grandma Nut needed campers help collecting the candy in order to save her small company. Campers traveled in cabin groups searching for candy around camp and earning it by completing challenges like untangling a human knot and saying the alphabet backwards, all while avoiding the mischievous oompa loompas, of course. When the candy was counted, the campers had succeeded- they saved Grandma Nut’s candy business!

Meanwhile, Avalon and Chateau Fiasco were over in Deer Meadow’s field having a huuuggeee game of man hunt! The game was intense and involved face paint and masterful hiding and seeking. Over on the soccer field, LCH, Shangri-La, Wombles, Camelot, and Wabanaki played a giant quidditch tournament! Campers were split into houses and then painted their faces with their house colors. Campers ran with a pool noodle between their legs to represent a broom and tried to throw the “quaffle” (a soccer ball) through hoola hoops that were hung in the soccer goals to represent the pitch in order to score points for their team. On each team, there were beaters who carried “bludgers,” who tried to tag players of the opposing team. If tagged, players had to sit down for 10 seconds. Seekers on each team had the special job of trying to catch the golden snitch, who ran in and out of the boundaries of the game and would earn a team 150 points if caught. The matches were close and the tournament thrilling to watch, but in the end, Ravenclaw emerged victorious!

Finally, Valhalla, Bermuda Triangle, Fiddler’s Green, Forbidden Planet, and Taj Mahal trekked down camp road to Blodgett House for a Teen Party! There was ice cream, frisbee, and lots of chilling in the grass. These oldest cabins also got to hear about all the teen amazing programs offered at HVC for them to consider for next summer. All around, it was quite the evening!

This morning, we enjoyed our bagel Sunday breakfast and dulcimer music played by Tom, Meg, and Rachel. At morning meeting, campers and staff who have been coming to camp for five years now received their five year vests! Right now, everyone is getting settled in to this round of classes on day three. As I mentioned before, tonight is the Wheel of Misfortune, a whacky and wild game show style evening program that is long awaited each session- Mama Iguana and I can hardly wait!

That’s all for today! Enjoy photos from Baby Food, Last Night’s evening programs, and five year vests!


Cara B. Ner


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