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Candy Crush, Cabin Night, Teen Party, and More!

Sunday, July 12th, 2015
Wombles with all their candy!

Wombles with all their candy!

Oh, hello there! Olive Oyl reporting for duty with lots of details about last night’s evening program and what the future holds!

We had an amazing, multi-faceted night with our younger cabins doing Candy Crush, our middle cabins enjoying a cabin night, and our teen cabins hanging out with Community at Blodgett. First off, let’s talk about the magical mystery that is Candy Crush, with Wombles, Down Under, Avalon, Loons, LCH, and Paquatahnee. The night starts out with Granny and Willy Wonka, our hilarious MCs, who explain that Granny’s candy has become very popular, forcing Willy Wonka to try to push her out of the candy business by getting his oompa loompas (our lovely AWACs) to sabotage her candy. Each cabin has been hired on a mission by Granny’s company, “Candy Crush,” to acquire as much candy as possible, without getting any stolen by the oompa loompas. The only way to stay safe is to find a candy cane tree, conveniently marked in a few spots around camp. Campers run around collecting the candy (brightly colored balls) that’s hidden across camp, in addition to solving puzzles and challenges from counselors at different stations. The candy is then collected and assessed by Granny and Willy Wonka and the end of the night, who ultimately deem a cabin victorious (even though we’re really all winners here at HVC). It was a super fun night full of running around, imaginary candy, and goofy characters.

Our middle cabins were all doings their own things at cabin night! Gimme Shelter had an initiation ceremony to welcome their new camper and their lives in the older half. Bermuda Triangle played a game of Man Hunt, and Valhalla tie-dyed socks. French Quarter and Shangri-La joined forces for a party at the Lake, playing games, swimming, and going down the slide. Wabanaki took the “color personality test” and then tie-dyed t-shirts that corresponded to their colors. Fiddler’s Green made s’mores by the campfire and went on a hike around camp. Camelot was in the glass fusing studio making a cabin art project. Lastly, Haley’s Comet was doing some nature art, splatter painting at the Tree House.

And finally, our teen cabins, Forbidden Planet, Taj Mahal, Deer Meadows, Chateau Fiasco, were at Blodgett. There was a farm theme happening, with a three-legged race, pin the tail on the goat, and a game involving biting apples hanging from strings off a tree! Later we jammed on guitar, ate ice cream, and sat around the campfire.

Today we have another busy day of classes, making sure to wear sunscreen, hats, and drink lots of water as the sun is shining brightly! We’ll also be doing interest groups by the pool this afternoon to make sure we all get a chance to take a dip and cool off. And tonight is the night we’ve all been waiting for…the Wheel of Misfortune! It seems that some counselors have been kidnapped by producer-types in Hawaiian shirts? There’s a lot let to be discovered and spooked out of us this evening…and we can’t wait to see what crazy prizes our counselors have in store for us!

Tomorrow we have a much-deserved lazy day, where all of camp will be going to a movie (it’s a surprise!)! We’ll then arrive back at camp for a cabin clean, rest period, and pool activities. Tomorrow night we’ll gather together for Valleyfest, our camper talent show! There’s tons of talent amongst our awesome campers, and we can’t wait to hear their music, see their dancing, and whatever other wacky talents they have up their sleeves.

That’s all for now, friends! Be sure to check out all the wonderful pictures from last night’s activities!


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