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Candy Crush, Cabin Night, and Teen Party, oh my!

Sunday, August 7th, 2016


Goooood morning!! Humming Bird here! Last night was a BIG night on camp! So many things to tell you about! Okay, let’s get started…

French Quarter, LCH, Avalon, The Burrow and Down Under played CANDY CRUSH last night! They ran all around camp looking for Willy Wonka’s candy! But beware the Oompa Loompas who’ll steal all your hard-earned candy! Check out photos of the craziness!!

Meanwhile, the oldest four cabins, Treasure Island, Forbidden Planet, Fiddler’s Green and Taj Mahal went to Blodgett House for the Teen Party! They learned all about their options here on camp in the coming years!

Finally, the rest of our cabins had cabin night! Here’s what everyone got up to…
Loons did archery!
Wombles built shelters up at the log cabin!
Chateau Fiasco had an initiation ceremony for their new campers!
Atlantis went to the lake and made s’mores!
Paquatahnee did tie dye and T-shirt designing!
Valhalla made pottery!
Halley’s Comet made glass with two of our glass pro-staffers!
Shangri-La and Camelot got “kidnapped” by their counselors, and then all watched Mama Mia with popcorn and M&M’s!
It was an amazing night! Check out the photos!

On an entirely different note, we sacrificed a pickle today at Morning Meeting! Wait… what?! Yep, you read that correctly! Meg’s famous Pickle Sacrifice has happened! That’s the fateful day of the summer when Meg picks one of her succulent cucumbers to be brined and turned into a pickle! The big reveal of the transformation occurred at Meeting this morning! Check out the photos!

And that pickle wasn’t the only the sacrificed at Meeting this morning…. Before I get to that, here’s a brief introduction to the Wheel of Misfortune: It’s tonight. It’s brutal. It’s gonna be HUGE. We’ve had a few hints at the last few Meetings. This morning, a counselor was carted off in a wheelbarrow, tied up and screaming. Several other counselors ran behind in an attempt to save her… does she survive? Will she be in the show tonight? Who lives closest to the toilet? These are all things we will find out tonight! Stay tuned for the WHEEL OF MISFORTUNE!!! Pictures to come!

I must now fly off to the Olympic Village… I’ve heard the Bird Nation is representing well!

Humming along,

Humming Bird







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