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Campers React to Talented Staff

Tuesday, July 26th, 2022

What’s up this lovely afternoon HVC? Reporting back in for the second time today with a bonus post to make up for yesterday’s missing installment!

Campers have just finished their very first classes with our talented staff! Check out a few early pics of HVC classes below, with more soon!

And speaking of talented staff, campers got to see some wild and crazy acts from their counselors last night at the staff talent show. Acts included eating saltines, long division, spinning a basketball on every finger, singing, dancing, and lassoing.

Not to mention the incredible skits run by our shift heads Eva and Becca…otherwise known as Ugga and Regina.

From different worlds, the two characters learned to become friends in the end, much like myself and Peter.

Speaking of, we have a meeting in about ten minutes.

Gotta run!


Gopher Girl


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