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Camp is Almost Here and We’re Ready!

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014


Hello, friends! Olive Oyl here with another dispatch full of staff training news and info as we prepare for our first session of the summer here at Hidden Valley.

Things have been moving quickly this past week– lots of meetings and specialty trainings to get ready for our roles as both counselors and instructors. We’ve covered roles that certain staff have on camp, for example, our former camper meeting, where these special folks discuss the transition from camper to counselor and how to best continue on with the values and mission of HVC that this particular group grew up with and now have the opportunity to pass on.

There has also been a lot of discussion this past week about teaching classes, in particular effective lesson planning and catering to different learning styles, age groups, and skill levels. Peter gave his famous “toilet talk” where one lucky volunteer showed the rest of the group how to best clean a toilet, involving visual, kinesthetic, and aural instructions to appeal to all styles of learning. Our maintenance man Tim also gave a talk about toilets involving his special “plunger yoga”, encouraging all staff to do their part in keeping their bathrooms functioning smoothly.

We’ve also had some talks discussing general counseling skills and styles, like setting boundaries and creating a safe and inclusive cabin space. We finally received our eagerly awaited cabin assignments a few nights ago, and we’ve now had the opportunity to connect with our co-counselors and settle into our new homes for the next month. We’ve been brainstorming cabin themes, ideas for cabin nights, and getting to know our incoming campers before they arrive (only four more days!).

Today’s also the special day that counselors get their HVC t-shirts. We even had a fashion show this morning at breakfast to model the fashionable Hidden Valley wardrobe, such as the classic periwinkle llama sweatshirt and royal blue Crazy Creek. (Be sure to check out the photos!)

This evening is the staff talent show where we get the chance to showcase our many talents and special skills. There’s sure to be a lot of music, dancing, and laughter. Stay tuned for updates as the week progresses and Arrival Day quickly approaches!

Don’t forget to check out the photos to see our staff on the ropes course and much more!

Lots of love,


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