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Camp = Halloween… see for yourself!

Tuesday, October 29th, 2019

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, HVC!!! Skeleton here, with your campy update!! Just kidding, it’s me, Hummingbird! I bet you didn’t recognize me in my costume! You know, Stanley the llama and I were chit-chatting this morning on our walk along Tom’s Trail to count how many orange leaves we could find (we lost track after a billion and three). I was feeling sorta blue that we never celebrate Halloween with campers…. how fun would it be if we could all dress up here on camp and eat candy and play wacky games!! But my woolen friend reminded me that we do that stuff every day at camp!! CAMP IS JUST LIKE HALLOWEEN!!! Okay, I know it’s not really Halloween, but Stanley and I have concocted a pretty convincing theory. Hear me out.

Almost every day at camp is an opportunity to dress up in a silly costume. Of course we have the obviously costumed evening programs, like the Play and Musical, but the fun doesn’t end there! Who doesn’t love dressing up as an octopus for the occasional Under the Sea Dance?! Or any themed dance for that matter– octopus at the Old Town Rodeo? Heck yeah! And what we wouldn’t give to wear our regal Medieval Lazy Day costumes out in the real world every day! Lest we forget our plant-tastic Wheel of Misfortune, or our out-of-this-world OTHER Wheel of Misfortune! And of course there’s all the covering ourselves in paint that we do, whether as Oompa Loompas for an evening program, or as dedicated Fair Day fair-goers gettin’ our face paint on! Every day is costume day in the Valley!

And besides the costumes, of course there’s the CANDY! From our Candy Crush candy hunt to Candy Chemistry, to just plain old eatin’ candy in the cabin with pals, camp is hardly a break from the Halloween candy craze! Imagine if Halloween happened at camp, and we only got 10 pounds of candy ONCE a year!!! Heavens forbid!!!

Therefore, CAMP = HALLOWEEN!! Get it??

Stanley really helped me see how camp and Halloween really do go together, even if we can’t go Trick-or-Treating as a cabin. If you’re missing all the summery-costumey fun, or if you need some last minute inspiration, check out pictures of some dress up highlights from this summer!!

Trick or treat**

**ALWAYS treat!!!

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