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Cabin Sweet Cabin

Sunday, July 3rd, 2016


Hello all!

Last night was a fun night of cabin night galore. We had SO much fun watching all of the fun activities go on…the barn was full of smiling campers, the front yard was full of smiling campers, tipi hill was full of smiling campers!

LCH went on a creek walk to the treehouse in which they all worked on an art project.

Avalon went to the pool to play some fun game.

Loons played the fun game of capture the flag.

Gimme Shelter zipped on down tipi hill on the tipi zip line.

Atlantis went bowling. Fun!!

Treasure Island did the adventurous activity of the leap of faith.

Forbidden Planet made clay talismans. Some good vibes in Forbidden Planet!

The Burrow made brownies in the farm house. That’s right folks, BROWNIES.

Wombles made glass beads with Carmi. You could say their cabin night was on FIRE.

Down Under had a birthday party for all the lovely ladies in their cabin who don’t have birthdays this session…funfetti cake galore…yes please!

French Quarter had a refreshing night at the lake and went for a dip.

Paquatahnee participated in glass fusing with Dani. Fusing glass, bonding friendships.

Wabanaki made containers to keep their eggs safe while they dropped them off of the top floor of the Upper Carriage House. Thank you ladies for keeping them safe!!

Shangri-La made DELICIOUS (delicious looking, that is! I wanted some…) pizzas in the pizza oven. Their cabin theme is fruit salad and there were definitely lots of fruit on these DESSERT pizzas. Chocolate, and cinnamon, and sugar, too!!

Valhalla did metal working with Brad. These girls are on the move!

Camelot had a campfire in which they made banana boats and then rolled down tipi hill…brave girls!

Fiddler’s Green used the pizza oven as well. Yum, I want pizza!!!

Taj Mahal made FABULOUS jewelry. Can you say easy, breezy, beautiful?

Haley’s Comet went camping! My mouth is watering thinking about the ice cream and s’mores and burgers they ate. Also, waking up in the woods is so refreshing! Ahh!! Mother Nature does it right.

We also have some more fun photos of the cowboys vs. aliens dance from the other night and of the latest happenings in Community! Check them out!!

Tomorrow is another laaaaaaaazy day in which the younger half will be enjoying “Parade Day” and the older half will be going to the lovely and beautiful Lake St. George. I will keep you posted on how that goes tomorrow! It is also the 4th of July tomorrow so we encourage everyone to wear a shirt from a different place in the U.S. to show our spirit!! What fun!!

Until then, I will be searching for leftovers from last night’s cabin night,

Miss Melody


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