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Cabin Nights, Lazy Days, and Everything In Between

Wednesday, June 29th, 2022

Good afternoon, everyone! Gopher Girl here with another update from Hidden Valley.

Last night after a delicious pasta dinner, it was cabin night! Here’s what everyone got up to:

Wombles spent time with Maisie and Pearl, the donkeys

Avalon did some science at the “End of the World” (HVC’s junk yard)

Gimme Shelter had fun in the pool

Loons did an egg drop

Paquatahnee fused glass with Philippe

Shangri-La made fashion out of newspaper for the “Met Gala”

LCH wrote letters to animals

French 1/4 decorated cookies and had a campfire

Bermuda Triangle played ropes games and had s’mores

Forbidden Planet hiked and made s’mores

Fiddler’s Green did karaoke

Valhalla had a “Who Done It?” night and made s’mores

Camelot decorated wooden flowers with AnneMarie

Haley’s Comet had an outdoor cooking night with s’mores

Taj Mahal had a spa night at the pool sauna

Community had a big circle night with s’mores

Whew! Hidden Valley was full of campfires and laughter all evening. I tried to nibble on some of the leftover marshmallows but am not a fan of fire, so I mostly watched from a distance!

Gimme Shelter’s Cabin Night!

Today thus far has been the perfect day for a lazy/trip – it was super warm and quite sunny. The older half is enjoying a trivia game, some time at the pool, and did a deep cabin clean.

The younger half went out to the movies today, seeing the new Buzz Lightyear movie! Campers this afternoon are busy swimming, slip-n’-sliding, playing cards, and making friendship bracelets. We will eat a yummy dinner outside and then enjoy a performance by the songwriter and storyteller Reggie Harris! Also, Hidden Valley Adventures headed out yesterday for their first week-long outdoor adventure!

We’ve got so much ahead of us today and tomorrow, and our campers are so excited. Until then!


Gopher Girl


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