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Cabin Night, Teen Programs, and Lots of (un)Fairs!

Monday, July 30th, 2018


Howdy! It’s Mama Iguana here to update you all on our fantastic cabin night from last night and give you a special, special, special update from one of our Community campers! Community is a teen program that lives up at Blodgett house, about a mile down camp road, and does different service work within their group, as well as in the greater Maine community. Here’s the update:

One week into Community, the Blodgett house has been abuzz with excitement. After some vigorous cleaning, our space is now a home. While it took time to adjust to the lack of electricity and running water, we’ve managed to fully adapt to this sustainable lifestyle. We’ve been cooking everything from mac & cheese to French galettes, all becoming more experienced cooks in the process. While secluded from the rest of camp, we have been able to further our understanding of sustainability and appreciate the beauty of nature. We have also reached out to our local community through an assisted living center, a local farm, and a state park. After many blissful swims, some Kyle-induced sun salutations, and lots of cups of decaffeinated tea around the fire, we have successfully developed a community of strong relationships.

Thanks for the update, Community! Make sure to check out photos below of all the fun Community has been having, as well as some photos from our other teen program Alive! Alive is an art-based teen program located on camp that has advanced art classes throughout the day, goes on trips, and spends a lot of time preparing for an amazing show at the end of the summer.

Now, back to details from our night on main camp, cabin night! Here’s a list of what all the cabins did.

Loons made glass beads

Gimme Shelter had a dance party and made s’mores

Avalon went on a slip ‘n slide

Chateau Fiasco did glass fusing with Philippe

Bermuda Triangle went on tipi zip and did some X-treme art

Forbidden Planet was “adulting” and their counselors held mock job interviews

Down Under glazed their mermaids from pottery and had s’mores

French Quarter did tie dye and designed shirts with popsicles

Paquatahnee got their faces painted and did tie dye

Lower Carriage House made banana boats and painted with water colors

Shangri La did a color personality test and tie dye with s’mores

Wombles went to the end of the world and burned clay figurines

Camelot made cookies and had a tea party

Wabanaki made cookies blindfolded

Valhalla went on a hike with s’mores and stargazing

Fiddlers Green went swimming and had s’mores at the lake

Taj Mahal went to Mamma Mia 2! in Belfast

Today has been full of fair and un-fair activities! The older half is at the Bangor State Fair while the younger half stayed back for an un-Fair. Stay tuned for an update on all the adventures from our lazy day tomorrow! For now, check out photos from cabin night, community, and alive!

Peace and love,

Mama Iguana




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