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Cabin Night- Oh What a Night!

Friday, August 10th, 2018

Loons up at Tipis!

Howdy folks! Cara B. here with an update.

Last night after a delicious dinner of spaghetti, Caesar salad, garlic bread, and strawberry rhubarb crumble (my all time favorite HVC dessert!), we went our separate ways for Cabin Night! Cabin Night is a super awesome evening program where each cabin does a special activity with just their cabin group. Here’s what everyone got up to:

Loons camped out at Tipis and made s’mores

Down Under played in the sprinkler and played drip drip drop at Meg’s Planet

Gimme Shelter worked on projects at the pottery studio

French 1/4 had a spa night in the yurt

Avalon made glass beads and played frisbee

Paquatahnee had a silly photoshoot and decorated picture frames

LCH had a movie night

Shangri-La designed cabin t-shirts and played with the animals in the animal barn

Wombles made pizza and buttons

Camelot went for a hike and made terrariums

Wabanaki did some glass fusing projects

Valhalla had a spa night in the Hilton

Chateau Fiasco played soccer and made ice cream sundaes at the tree house

Fiddler’s Green made shrinky dinks and had some tea time

Bermuda Triangle swam at the lake

Taj Mahal also swam at the lake

Forbidden Planet went offsite to see the new Mission Impossible movie

Sweet! Everyone had a blast chilling with their cabin mates before gearing up for today’s lazy day. This morning after sleeping in a bit, we headed the dining hall for breakfast sandwiches before going our separate ways for the day. The older half went off camp for a morning of glow bowling! There were disco lights, music and dancing, french fries, and well, bowling of course! Meanwhile, the younger half stayed on camp for a biiiiggg cabin clean before gathering on the Rec Hall field for Gross Day!

Gross Day is a day of activities designed for campers to get absolutely, positively gross! There were shaving cream hair-dos, an obstacle course with a mud and maple syrup pit, a chocolate syrup slip n’ slide, Kool-Aid drip drip drop, mentos and diet coke science, condiment twister, and disgusting mystery boxes with spaghetti, jello, and peeled grapes- yuck! Those who did not wish to be gross hung out at Meg’s Planet making friendship bracelets and playing board games and cards. Once everyone was thoroughly gross, we determined just who was the gross-est by a round of applause from the non-gross campers.

After gross campers were hosed off at the counselor carwash, we enjoyed lunch and a looonnngg rest period. Next, both halves headed to the pool for mega pool activities! There was swimming, friendship bracelet making, cards, corn hole, guitar jams, and lots of slipping on the slip n’ slide. Right now, everyone is gathering in the Backyard for evening meeting before our Mexican style feast.

Tonight is movie night! Mama Iguana and I are dying to know what the movie will be…we’ll just have to head over to the Rec Hall and see! For now, enjoy photos from Cabin Night and Gross Day!

Peace out!

Cara B. Ner

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