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Cabin night, feelin’ alright…JUNK FOOD DAY, that’s what I say!

Sunday, July 31st, 2016


Good morning sweet, sweet world!

Last night was a successful and fun cabin night! There were so many smiling faces around camp as campers got to bond with their cabin mates and participate in some awesome activities.

LCH went on a hike with Carmi to the Log Cabin

Avalon made containers to drop eggs off the top of the treehouse without them breaking! Keeping their babies safe!

Loons made stained glass with Zach

Wombles went down the tipi zipline! Wahoo!

Chateau Fiasco and Fiddler’s Green went to the lake for a dip and some sweet s’mores! Nothing says bonding like sitting around the campfire with some s’mores!

Atlantis went to the wood shop with Brad

Treasure Island had a “mock apocalypse” and went on a blind-folded journey through camp while hearing stories from their counselors

Forbidden Planet spent the night at the pizza oven! YUM

The Burrow made some SICK crafts with Hilary

Down Under made tie dyed shirts and then gathered ’round the campfire for s’mores and a dance party in the Old Dance Studio

French Quarter went to the pool to swim and play games! Fun!!

Paquatahnee made glass beads with Elise! Rockin’!

Valhalla made snacks in the barn kitchen! I love snacks!!!

Shangri-La went camping and then had a talent show around the campfire. I heard there were some beautiful acts!

Halley’s Comet worked on some pottery with Kirsten in the pottery studio.

Wabanaki did a roadtrip to Goodwill and Dairy Queen!

Camelot had a spa night with face masks and made s’mores

Taj Mahal got to decorate their very own mugs! Coffee and tea, ahoy!

In other news…today is JUNK FOOD DAY! Normally on a Sunday, there would be bagels for breakfast, however, today camp had the sweet surprise of being greeted with doughnuts and Pop Tarts and sugary cereal instead (oh my!!) There were some SWEET (and funny) recipes such as Froot Loops on the chocolate frosting of a Boston Creme doughnut, and a doughnut/Pop Tart sandwich. PLUS we were shown the “proper” way to eat a doughnut (with a knife and fork) from our British counselor, Lee, and then were shown the PROPER way to eat a doughnut (by eating the pudding first with a spoon, then shoving cocoa puffs into the doughnut, pouring milk into it and shoving the whole thing into your mouth) by American counselor, Peter I. In a world full of different cultures, I’m just glad we all can eat doughnuts!! More recipe updates to follow later in the day…

Tonight is the Staff Talent Show!! More reports on that later after we see what talents our counselors have been hiding all session!

Until next time! Stay sweet, planet earth!

Miss Melody

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