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Cabin Night, a Full Staff, and a Crazy Day!

Tuesday, June 12th, 2018

Valhalla and their beautiful banner!

Hey howdy hey! Cara here with the latest from staff training.

All of our staff have finally arrived! All of our fabulous new lifeguards passed their certification exams and the ropes staff are now expert belayers. After celebrating everyone’s hard work, staff enjoyed a yummy dinner of spaghetti to welcome our final new comers. Once our bellies were full, staff gathered in staff training cabin groups for cabin night! Cabin night is a special evening program where campers do a super fun activity with their cabin. Here’s what everyone got up to:

LCH played improve games and basketball at the basketball court

Avalon made glass beads and played ice breaker games

Gimme Shelter hiked to the log cabin for s’mores and poetry reading around the fire

Wombles painted pet rocks around the fire

Paquatahnee made tie-dye socks and did M&M questions (each color of M&Ms represents a different question!)

French 1/4 had an egg drop from the upper carriage house

Shangri-La did a “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” guided cookie baking (the person fixed ingredients was blindfolded and couldn’t see, the person giving instructions couldn’t hear, and the person with the recipe couldn’t speak!)

Valhalla made a beautiful finger painted banner for their cabin

Camelot hasted a game show to get to know their cabin mates and HVC a little better

Whew! How awesome do those activities sound? Today is what’s known as our “crazy day” in staff training. Good thing we had a delicious breakfast of pancakes with blueberry sauce to fuel us up for the big day ahead. New counselors are taking their swim evaluations, going on tours of camp, and getting trained to drive camp vehicles. PK crew is busy setting up the tipis on Tipi Hill, and other returning staff are working in program areas like theater, cooking, and glass. We’ve been told that there will be a special surprise before dinner- what could that be?? Only time will tell, but stay tuned to find out…I can hardly wait!

Tonight, the evening program is booth night! New staff will have the opportunity to ask returning counselors questions about different aspects of camp such as the daily schedule, evening programs, off time, interest groups, teen programs, and more!

That’s all for now! Enjoy some photos from cabin night.


Cara B. Ner

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