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Cabin Activities and Kim and Reggie!

Friday, August 8th, 2014


Hey guys!

Lady of the Lake here with the second batch of Lazy Day news!

After pool activities and lunch yesterday, each cabin participated in an awesome cabin activity. Many cabins did art projects – Avalon did glass fusing, Forbidden Planet created a Clay Fire City (where they made a giant model city out of clay and then fired it in an outside kiln!), the Burrow tie dyed, French Quarter did screen printing, Paquatahnee did HVC t-shirt design, Shangri-La (after an awesome Kim and Reggie workshop!) did yarn bracelets, and Camelot (also after a workshop) had fun with clay in a clay pictionary tournament.

Other cabins participated in active activities. Loons headed down to our junk yard, called The End of the World, and worked on explosions. Wombles was also down there, working on a super secret stealth mission. Lower Carriage House headed to the lake for a dip and sauna. How fun! Chateau Fiasco went on a hike, and Down Under headed down the tipi zip-line and made some s’mores. Valhalla also went down the tipi-zip, after a very exciting tractor ride. Taj Mahal did a scavenger hunt that resulted in them getting their very own Taj shirts! And finally, Fiddler’s Green took an awesome adventure into Belfast for some ice cream. Yum!

Meanwhile yesterday, our Brumby campers took a day trip to Islesboro, where they visited an amazing horse barn and took an exciting lesson from Barton Patrick, who helps at our stable and owns the Islesboro barn. Islesboro is an incredibly beautiful island off the coast of Maine. After their lesson and touring the facilities, the group headed out for some ice cream.

Yesterday night, with everyone back on camp, we had the ever exciting Kim and Reggie! Kim and Reggie have been coming to Hidden Valley for years and years are a massive hit with everyone on camp. They sing a range of songs, from Pete Seeger classics to original songs that they’ve written. Kim and Reggie are great at getting everyone off their feet and grooving! Make sure to check out the awesome pictures from last night.

Today, we woke up to an amazing breakfast. We were all so excited because not only were there eggs, but there was also bacon! And delicious tofu sausages for the vegetarians. In fact, breakfast was so exciting that our Spirit Animal of the Day was bacon! For those of you who may not know, campers from Chateau Fiasco end morning meeting each day with a little skit that exemplifies some camp related topic.

Today, campers are headed off to their new sets of classes. We’re showing our new two weekers the ropes, and everyone has been so inclusive. It’s bound to be an awesome rest of the session!

And now, for a quick update about Alive! On Thursday, August 7th, the Alive! program had a “Found Art” day which involved a “What is Art” discussion the night before, and a trip into Liberty, ME on Thursday. The group visited a vintage tool shop in Liberty and were given the opportunity to choose a few things to build an art piece around. When they arrived back at camp, the campers took their item(s) and designed an art project, and then spent the afternoon executing it! The day ended with a viewing of the documentary, “Wasteland,” which is about an artist creating portraits out of recyclable materials from a landfill. Now the group starts their second two weeks of classes and prepares for tonight’s trip to the Bates Dance Festival!

Until later,

Lady of the Lake

Check out the amazing Islesboro photos…

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