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C-A-N-D-Y-D-R-O-P!!!! What does that spell?

Sunday, July 2nd, 2017


Luna Bug here for an extra-super-duper-special report…THE CANDY DROP WAS TODAY. IT HAPPENED. IT WAS AMAZING.

As the sun was beginning to set on HVC at the beginning of camp meeting, a mysterious buzzing was heard. All the campers and counselors seemed to take a collective breath as we all listened to the buzzing in order to determine if it could possibly be… a plane? As the buzzing grew closer someone shouted “CANDY DROP!” and suddenly a plane appeared over camp. Everyone leapt out of their crazy creeks and sprinted over to the soccer field because the candy drop was finally here!!!!

Once everyone got to the soccer field, everyone got together with their cabin to discuss the game plan. A lot of campers had prepared well and predicted correctly, and had packed pillow cases and sheets. These were brought out and held up by campers in order to maximize candy catching.The plane flew over camp a number of times and dropped tons of candy on us and everyone ran around to collect all the pieces…every last one.

It was a fantastic drop- straight on to the soccer field!!!!! Max and Elise, our two art poobahs, were in the plane and they did an amazing job!

Check below for a couple of shots from the night, and make sure you check back tomorrow for even more candy drop coverage!

I’ll be sleeping well tonight after this day of running around getting candy!

Until tomorrow!


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