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Bowling Trip, Gross Day, Art Day, and Valleyfest!

Wednesday, July 14th, 2021

Hi there, humans!

Carolina the duckling here, living my best life in all the new puddles today’s rain has created. You’d think that on a day off from classes like yesterday, things would be quiet around here, but it was the total opposite! They call these days “Lazy Days,” but I can’t for the life of me figure out why, because there’s so much going on! The Younger Half of camp had Gross Day, which featured shaving-cream hairstyling, condiment Twister, slime-making, and pretty much anything else gross you can imagine. The Middle Half had Art Day, with all sorts of drawing, painting (check out the picnic table they beautified!), and other creative activities. And the Older Half went glow bowling out of camp! Then last night was Valleyfest, which is an open-air talent show, where community-members can share music, skits, comedy, dance, or anything else they can think of. I couldn’t see it from the animal pen, but the llamas reported back on how talented and entertaining the acts were.

Humans are into photos, right? Because we have SO many photos to share with you today! Not only of the events I mentioned above, but also some more pics of the Wheel of Misfortune as well as the first few days of classes. Enjoy!

Fuzztastically yours,

C. Duckling

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