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Bowling, and grossness and electives! Oh my!

Friday, August 12th, 2016
Bowl on, Shangri-La!

Bowl on, Shangri-La!

Good afternoon, folks! Humming Bird here on this disgusting day! Why is it so disgusting? Well, because it was Gross Day, of course!! Here we go…

Gross Day is the magical younger half Lazy Day when our campers get to roll around in repulsive goop! We had a Gross Obstacle Course, Condiment Twister, Shaving Cream Hairstyles, a Yucky Slip ‘n’ Slide, Color Balloons, and a Messy Mural! Of course, we also had a Tranquility station for our less-gross campers. Check out photos of the MADNESS!!

While the younger half was embracing their yucky side, the older half took a trip to Sparetime Bowling Alley, for some GLOW BOWLING!! Check out photos of our campers bowlin’ strikes and eatin’ fries!!

Now that we’re all together back on Main Camp, we’re enjoying our pool activities! What a relief it is to take a dip on a hot, hot day like this!!

After the pool and dinner, we’ll gather in the Rec Hall to enjoy the play, Bunnicula!! Our actors have been working very hard on the show, and we’re so excited to see what they’ve prepared for us!

And speaking of evening programs… last night was Electives! Check out photos of the night! We had pizza making, a Mama Mia dance party (which turned into a pool party!), a lake walk, a Nalgene destruction challenge, and more!

For now, I’m off to fly through pool activities and cool my wings a little bit! I’ll be back tomorrow with photos of tonight’s show!

Humming along,

Humming Bird

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