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Big Things Are Happening on This Beautiful Day!

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

Hard at work moving the docks!

Hey there, HVC-ers! Olive Oyl reporting with your pre-camp news.

It’s been a very exciting day here in Maine, with lots of projects going on to clean up camp after a long winter and set up for the fast-approaching summer. A lot of new staff arrived yesterday, so we had plenty of hands on deck to get the docks out on the lake, our big task of the morning. The weather has been beautiful,  which made doing the heavy lifting just a little bit easier. We even spotted some special lake creatures (see pictures for dragonflies and baby frogs)! Now the lake and boat dock are all ready to go, both of which will definitely get some more use when our next batch of staff arrives for lifeguard training.

The ropes staff has also been keeping busy–they finished setting up the course yesterday, which will be loads of fun come staff training. Our horse staff has been enjoying the weather as well, spending the day caring for the horses and cleaning up the barn area (photos to come shortly). The pizza oven and the new snack shack are also coming along nicely, which are sure to be big hits this summer. There’s still much more pre-camp to come, with lifeguard training, ropes training, and horse prep. Camp is starting to get more populated, but there’s still an amazing sense of calm and serenity as we prepare for the exciting summer days ahead!

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