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Staff Talent! Junk Food! ICE CREAM!!! (And more!)

Sunday, August 2nd, 2015

Camelot loves their sundaes!!

Hello, humans!! Humming Bird and Cat Nap here with more SUPER FUN UPDATES ABOUT CAMP on this BEAUTIFUL BAGEL SUNDAY!! Now that our second session campers have officially been here for a whole entire week, we are super settled into our routines, and enjoying our classes to the fullest!!

We have some more pictures of Junk Food Day yesterday, when we had a special surprise!! Instead of our usual JFD dinner of ravioli, we enjoyed polenta and yummy, yummy delicious grilled vegetables, with some jambalaya and pork! And for our vegetarians, Chris and Lillian provided herb tofu!! But of course, we can’t be too healthy on JFD, so WE ALL SCREAMED FOR ICE CREAM (sundaes)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just kidding. We didn’t scream. The Program Directors let cabins in to get their sundaes one by one, but only the quietest cabins were allowed to enter. After all our silent efforts to get our ice cream, the reward was SWEET! (“Hehehehehe!!” – Humming Bird “Humming Bird, stop. It’s still not funny” – Cat Nap)

After we were all hyped up on our sugary sundaes, we gathered in the Rec Hall for the Staff Talent Show!! We had so many talented performances from our counselors and AWACs, including a special appearance from Hidden Valley’s own THE CANDY DROPS and THE GAZEBOYS (guh-ZEE-boyz)!! We also had some dances, like the ever classic BLOB!! And a special Lord of the Rings reenactment! We even had an epic Slack Jaw tournament! There were some wonderful acts, so check out the pictures below!!

Coming up tonight we have Cabin Night!! Our cabins will do some special activities together, and solidify the bond they share as cabin mates!! We’ll give an update later about the shenanigans we’ll have going on! But in the meantime, enjoy some pictures of the Apprentices teaching in their individual areas, in addition to photos of Junk Food Day and the Staff Talent Show!! And look out for pictures tomorrow of tonight’s cabin night, AND THE TRIP LAZY DAY!!!

Tomorrow our older half campers will take a trip to the beach, while the younger half will stay behind for Opposite Day!! It’ll be super duper fun, and we’ll get you all updated on that tomorrow!!

Until then, we have to go sneak off to find more bagels!!

Chirp, Hum, Meow,

Humming Bird and Cat Nap

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