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Behind the Scenes With Mag-O-Llama!

Saturday, June 20th, 2020

Hi guys! It’s Mag-O-Llama here with a VERY exciting update!

Have you ever wanted to go behind the scenes of your favorite movie? or know how your favorite content on Tik Tok is being made? These kinds of questions have been on my mind all week. I wanted to make my llama dreams come true, so I asked Peter and Meg if I could come to HVC’s filming set so I could see how the magic is being made, and guess what! They said I could hang out for a day to share what I saw with you all!!

When I first walked on set, I was immediately transported into a wonderland of tech gadgets! Normally here at camp, we try not to be on our technology all day, but when it comes to creating the best content for you all this summer, we had to do a little upgrading. PD James was using this cool contraption called a Go-Pro, and he is using it to film some exciting camper content! I think that it looks fantastic! Stay tuned for some awesome footage coming soon.

In case you haven’t heard, the PD’s even started an HVC Tik Tok!!! Meg’s tick talk, which we all know is very important here at camp, was posted on Tik Tok earlier this week! If you haven’t watched it yet, you should go check it out. Be on the lookout for another awesome Tik Tok that is coming out today. I can’t tell you exactly what It is, but what I can tell you is that it will make you laugh your socks off!

Despite all of the talk about social media, filming, and technology, we all should try and find time this week to get outside and enjoy the warmth of the sun! I know I’ve been enjoying laying in the sandpit to cool off on a warm day! We’ve been having lots of them.

Don’t forget to look at the pictures below to see all of the on-set action!

Peace, Love, and Llama Hugs!




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