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Beautiful Weather, Beautiful People, Beautiful Trainings!

Thursday, June 9th, 2016
Lifeguard training, not too bad...

Lifeguard training, not too bad…

Hello friends of HVC! Olive Oyl here with your latest staff training news. It’s been a busy past few days with the start of our “danger area” trainings: waterfront, ropes, and horses and lots of new staff arrivals!

Whole bus-loads of new staff arrived Tuesday and Wednesday, with folks traveling from as nearby as Camden to as far away as New Zealand. We have such a diverse and energetic staff this summer we can’t wait!

Yesterday marked the first day of lifeguard training, and praise be to the sun gods it was warm outside! Now, that doesn’t mean the lake wasn’t quite nippy (oooh boy it was), but at least counselors could warm up in the sun after the big lake swim. Today staff are diving right in (pun intended) learning some skills and getting their proper training.

Our ropes staff got together today to start their training, which featured ropes games this morning and some more solid skill training this afternoon down at the course. Although it’s not quite summer weather yet, it’s not schvitzing and the sun is out, so we can’t complain!

Our new horse staff is getting acquainted with their four-legged friends for the summer, learning about each individual horse and getting to go for a ride.

Our other areas have been getting some attention too, with glass staff hanging out in the Beehive and the International House, working on cups, flowers, beads, trinkets, and whatever else they can dream up. We also set up the Yurt today, the arts building where tie-dye and screen-printing usually happen. Don’t be alarmed by the photo, we promise the counselors were not trapped!

Tonight is the first official evening program of staff training. We’re kicking off with Llamapalooza, a camp classic. There will be a new activity and fun times had by all. More info and photos tomorrow, so stay tuned!

That’s all for now, folks. Don’t forget to check out the photos!

Lots of love,


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