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Wednesday, July 31st, 2019

HELLO HVC!!!! It’s Mag-O-Llama here, and I’ve got some excellent and exciting updates for you all!! We started the morning with some yummy blueberry pancakes, and we discovered a cucumber that was ready for… THE PICKLE SACRIFICE!!! Some other exciting things that are taking place today are the last day of classes, Sharing Night, and so much more!!! Stay tuned for more updates and pictures to come!

Let me say that yesterday was AMAZING!!! Although it was one of the hottest days here at camp, we battled the heat by hanging at the lake, swimming at the pool, dancing in the sprinklers, and seeing the best show on earth, the llama fashion show!!! 🙂

Last nights evening program was BAZZINGA!! Each cabin got a new set of counselors for dinner and the evening programs! Campers got up to some rad activities with their new cabins! The youngest cabins did the counselor hunt, the middle cabins played predator vs. Prey, and the oldest cabins had a battle of destruction!!!! After the evening programs wrapped up, the counselors made their way back to their normal cabins when all of a sudden, the UPS truck showed up with some last-minute packages for each and every cabin!! THEY HAD CANDY INSIDE!!!!! WOOOHOOO!!!! Check out the silly pictures below! 🙂

The fun didn’t stop there last night!!! WE STAYED UP LATE AND WATCHED FIREWORKS!!!!! It was a private show just for HVC and might I say it was THE BEST firework show I have ever seen in my entire llama life!!!

I’m going to get my coat of fur wet in the pool!!

Peace, love, and llama hugs!! 🙂




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