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Bazzinga Bazzonga!!

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015


Get up, get up and greet the beautiful day!!! (That’s how we woke our campers up this morning!) Humming Bird and Cat Nap here!

Evening Meeting last night held a few surprises for us… The first was the rebranding of an age old tradition we have here at Hidden Valley. Every Tuesday we have a tradition of what was known as “No Mail, No Meal,” the premise of which was that campers use a letter that they’ve written home as a ticket in to dinner. But for those campers who may have forgotten to write a letter home, never fear! We provide postcards and stamps at the door! The announcement of No Mail, No Meal was passed from generation to generation of the Durrett family, who have been a constant here at camp for years! This new generation of Durretts, 4 campers here this year, have helped the camp rebrand the tradition, which will henceforth be known as “Dinner’s Better With a Letter!!!” We look forward to observing this new weekly camp celebration!! And in other news……….

A mysterious occurrence occurred last night… At Evening Meeting, Peter had the non-counselors close their eyes, and when he allowed everyone to open them, somehow, all our counselors had been swapped around and changed!! Counselors of all age groups had been scrambled and nothing was as it had been before!!! It could only mean one thing… BAZZINGA WAS UPON US!!! Cabins ate dinner with their new counselors, and then went on to play games like ManHunt, Cascade, Quidditch and Capture the Flag, or making beautiful outfits out of newspaper!!

At the end of evening program we all gathered back in the Rec Hall to watch the Newspaper Fashion Show, which included some FAAAAABULOUS creations executed only by the freshest up and coming designers, who go by the names of French Quarter, Paquatahnee, Fiddlers Green, Wombles and Down Under! Catch them in Milan Fashion Week!! Or catch them in the photos below! You’ll be able to say you knew them before they were cool!!

After the show, our counselors mysteriously returned themselves to their original cabins, and were greeted by cheers and hugs by their campers!! We settled down to hear our bedtime for the night, but wait–– what’s this?? Music?? A SURPRISE DANCE!!! We celebrated the return of our normal counselors, and the fun time we shared with our Bazzinga counselors, and jammed out to Build Me Up Buttercup, and of course, the classic Don’t Stop Believing!!

It was a beautiful evening, and the fun doesn’t stop there!! Tonight we have SHARING NIGHT!! All our classes that have been working so hard for the last two weeks will get to show off all their efforts in one stupendous show!! Well, actually… in three stupendous shows!! Rock Band and Alive will be showing us their hard work today during lunch and dinner, respectively!! Look out for some pictures of our talented campers, coming soon!!

We’re off to get our dancing shoes ready for sharing night!!

Chirp, Hum, Meow,

Humming Bird and Cat Nap

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