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Bazzinga, bazzanga, bazzunga

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016


Gooooooooood morning! Humming Bird here! How’s it goin’, folks? Well, it’s going REALLY well here! Let me tell you about the past day or so…

First of all, last night was BAZZINGA! Our campers had a BLAST at our different activities! Here’s what we all did:
Camelot, Shangri-La, Valhalla and Fiddler’s Green played Quidditch
Wabanaki, Atlantis, Haley’s Comet, Treasure Island and Chateau Fiasco played Capture the Flag
The Burrow, Down Under, French Quarter, Paquatahnee, LCH, Avalon, Loons and Wombles played Counselor Hunt
And Taj Mahal and Forbidden Planet had a MASSIVE water balloon fight, after making their own forts!

Oh, and did I mention that ALL THEIR COUNSELORS SWITCHED AROUND?! That’s right, you heard me! Cabins got totally NEW counselors for the evening! It was crazy!… Crazy FUN!! Check out the photos!

After Bazzinga we gathered back in the Rec Hall as a camp to get our normal counselors back, and to talk about all the wackiness that had gone down over the course of the evening program. Unbeknownst to the campers at that point, there were counselors backstage in the Booth waiting to press play on the iPod, for a SECRET SURPRISE DANCE!!

The night was just full of surprises, because after our dance, we gathered on Deer Meadows Field for…………… FIREWORKS!! What a way to celebrate the end of the first two weeks of second session!

Speaking of which, it happens to be the last day of classes today! You know what that means… tonight must be SHARING NIGHT! Where all our classes share what they’ve been working on for the last two weeks! And then tomorrow is our SUPER LAZY DAY! Everyone stays on camp in their pajamas, as we all pick classes and laze the days away(z) by the pool! Stay tuned for updates on that!

Until then, I’m off to pick out my favorite onesie!

Humming along,

Humming Bird



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