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Basketball, Electives, and Lazy Day, Oh My!

Friday, July 18th, 2014
PK's secret tour

PK’s secret tour

Greetings, Earthlings! Special Reporter Olive Oyl here with a special lazy day update!

First off, we had an exciting day yesterday afternoon with the Counselor-Camper Basketball game! We saw amazing effort and teamwork from both teams, and extra special athleticism (and outfits!) from Team X (the PDs). It was a close match, but the campers ended up the champions. Those not participating in the game were cheering and commentating. There were also massage trains on the bleachers and playing with the ducklings in their little play pool. It was also a special day at interest groups because all campers got white books. White books are perfect for decorating and recorded friends information and end of the summer notes.

After expending lots of energy in the basketball game we refueled on a delicious dinner of Korean food made by our very own Kae Kim, who oversees all of our Korean campers. Check out the pictures of delicious fried rice, chicken wings, beef, and veggies. We also celebrated Tyler’s birthday and had yummy cake. Our amazing dinner prepared us for an exciting evening of electives! We had a whole variety of activities going on, like a dance party, pool games, knock out, Tipi Zip, and of course, Capture the Flag. In terms of art, we had exploding clay, a splatter pain party, dream catchers, glass beads, and making origami earrings. For the foodies, we had a group at the pizza oven and a group making rice crispy treats. It was an awesome night and we all reconvened in the Rec Hall to share stories and join in on some songs like Baby Shark and The Farthest Field.

We slept in a little bit this morning and had a drift-through lazy breakfast of croissant sandwiches. The older half then left for Great Skates in Bangor for an amazing morning of roller skating (or blading!). Pros and beginners alike all had a great time skating around and having a snack at the roller rink. The younger half stayed on camp for Spy Day! The premise was that an unknown thief has stolen the French Toast recipe from the Dining Hall, so campers had to complete a series of challenges to get clues about the potential French Toast thief! They completed activities such as the human knot, water balloon attack, climbing the rock wall, name that tune, and the laser string challenge. The breakfast criminal will be revealed at evening meeting, but campers have already been speculating based on the clues that they earned!

It was a busy morning for all, but older half and younger half have joined together this afternoon for a relaxing few hours by the pool. On this beautiful sunny day they can choose to go for a dip, lounge and read, jam on guitar, or make friendship bracelets. They’ll also be a bunch of super pool activities later on like Capture the Flag, rock sculptures down at the creek, and Yoga in Wabanaki field. Tonight we’ll have a chilled out movie night and get a good night’s sleep to get ready for another busy day of classes tomorrow!

That’s all for now, be sure to check out all of the spectacular pictures!

Lots of Love,



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