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Bagel Sunday and Sharing Night

Sunday, August 14th, 2022

Good morning HVC families,

Happy final Bagel Sunday!

Yesterday campers enjoyed their second to last day of classes, the camper vs. counselor basketball game, which the campers won 27-21, and the fantastic performance of the camper play, “Down the Wrong Beanstalk.”

The play featured the work of the cast and Backstage Ninja crew and told a wild and hilarious story that provided a modern twist on a classic fairytale. Both groups have bean working hard the whole session on the production and it showed in their extraordinary performance.

Today, campers head to their last classes of the session and will end their evening with Sharing Night, where they will get to show off what they have learned or have been preparing.

Classes such as guitar, mountain biking, and dance will be demonstrating all of their skills.

Also, today was “bucket day” in archery. Any camper to get a bullseye is allowed to pour a bucket of water on a counselor’s head! I personally despise getting my fur wet, but I admire the unique motivation for developing campers’ archery skills.

Speaking of skills, my Jeopardy audition went fairly well, and I made it through the first screening round. Catch me in the Red Barn with the Trivial Pursuit cards and a sesame seed bagel, because there’s no way I’m letting this opportunity (or bagel) through my paws.


Gopher Girl

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