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Baby Food, Junk Food, What’s Going On?

Saturday, July 8th, 2017

Talia got the big spoon!

Top o’ the morning, friends! Olive Oyl here with some news for you on this sugary sweet morning…Yes, that’s right, folks. Today is the day. The day of donuts and cheetos and fluff and chocolate sauce. JUNK FOOD DAY!! We all walked into breakfast shocked and amazed by the array of pop tarts, donuts, sugary cereals (and fruit and granola and toast and all of our usual standards, of course). What a way to start the day!!

And before all of this morning’s madness, we had a wild night at evening meeting with baby food tasting and little preview of the Wheel of Misfortune. Campers, AWACs, and counselors alike all volunteered to sample flavors such as prunes, chicken and rice dinner, and vegetable beef pilaf. Mmm! And of course, the lucky chosen few got not just a spoonful but a whole bucket. We can’t for more wacky games like this at the Wheel coming up tomorrow. Stay tuned…

After all that silliness, we went in for an nice lasagna dinner and ended the night with the always fantastic electives. There were so many options! In the art world, we made glass beads, glass pendants, paper sculpting, leather pouch making, pinhole cameras, friendship bracelets, sharpie shirt tie-dye, and shrinky dinks. In our world of outdoors, we played capture the flag, PK crew, soccer, Tipi Zip, some nightime orbiting at the planet, ultimate frisbee, tennis, and backcountry cooking. There was also pop culture chat n’ chill, cookie baking, llama grooming, sardines, Irish football, and a creek walk. Wow! What an evening. Be sure to take a peek at all the awesome photos.

Tonight’s evening program will be Candy Crush for the younger half– a game involving collecting “candy” balls across camp to save them for Willy Wonka. Our older half will be doing cabin night, with a variety of activities happening all over camp in our cabin groups. More details on that to come tomorrow!

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