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Awesome Arrivals and Front Yard Fun!

Saturday, July 22nd, 2017

Card games on Arrival Day!

Happy Saturday, friends! Cara B. Ner here with news from Arrival Day. We woke up and enjoyed a yummy breakfast which included scrambled eggs, hash browns, and blackberries. We then gathered in the Front Yard for some super fun activities while we waited for campers to arrive by car. We made name tags, played card games, jammed on guitar and had a sing along (songs by The Beatles were big favorites,) played frisbee, and made TONS of friendship bracelets.

Campers driven in by their folks were met by our super greeters. Counselors from their cabins helped campers move their luggage and get settled in with their cabin mates. It’s so exciting to see empty cabins filling up again! Once the rush of arriving campers slowed down a bit, it was time for lunch. We had delicious sandwiches, salad, and watermelon – perfect for this super hot day.

Speaking of which, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous! The sun is shining, the air is warm, and everyone is having a blast hanging out and getting to know each other while we wait for more campers and their folks to arrive this afternoon. Just before dinner, buses with the remaining campers and chaperoning staff will arrive, marking the official beginning of second session with a full camp! After our first evening meeting of the month, we will eat dinner with our cabin groups and head over to the Rec Hall for Opening Night Skits! Luna will tell you all about it tonight. It’s back to the Front Yard for me, don’t want to miss any Arrival Day fun!

Later, gators!




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