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Arrival Day Part Two!

Saturday, June 24th, 2017

Glittery friends!

Good evening, folks! Olive Oyl here with another round of arrival day news for all you lovelies back at home.

We had a wonderful rest of our afternoon with cabin groups going back to their bunks for a rest period before rejoining the group in the front yard to welcome our first bus, Boston, around 4:30 pm! We continued with our friendship bracelets, magic cards, and card games until our very first evening meeting. We then enjoyed a delicious dinner of fried chicken, potatoes, green beans, salad, and carrot cake– an arrival day classic. After most of us were fed, we were ready to welcome the New York buses and we hugged and sent off the New York crew to dinner. Then we all gathered together to watch Opening Night Skits in the Rec Hall.

It was a hilarious night of skits surrounding a failed music festival that needed lots of help– from all of our various of camp like music, dance, arts, sports, glass, and the waterfront. Campers got to hear all about the awesome assortment of classes offered these two weeks. Tomorrow at orientation day we’ll all get to sign up for these amazing classes, as well as jump in the lake for a swim eval, get our heads checked by the nurses, tour camp, and get our headshots done by our awesome photographers Eden and Max.

For now, we’re all getting snuggled in bed with more time to unpack and unwind tomorrow, with a beautiful night of Pine Grove waiting for us up ahead.

Ta ta for now,


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