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Arrival Day is Arriving and Cabin Themes have Arrived!

Friday, June 24th, 2022

Hey HVC families!


Tomorrow is arrival day! AND Cabin themes are in!


The list:

Lower Carriage House: LCH Heroes

Avalon: Avalon Albums

Wombles: Wild Wombler

French 1/4: French 1/4 Fish Bowl

Loons: Loons Moons

Gimme Shelter: Ghostsharks

Bermuda Triangle: Bermuda Triangle Treasurers

Paquatahnee: Paquatahnee Plants

Valhalla: Vicuna

Camelot: Camelot Cartoons

Forbidden Planet: Forbidden Planet Pickles

Halley’s Comet: Halley’s Comet Hoagies

Shangri-La: Lala Land

Fiddler’s Green: Fiddler’s Green Food Trucks

Taj Mahal: Taj Maholiday

Community: Community Kaleidoscopes 


I stuck my head up outside the red barn yesterday to check to see if the weather was warm enough to make my breakfast Cheez-its into extra toasty breakfast Cheez-its and found instead, the list of HVC cabin themes. 


I ran to the office to make a copy and slipped it back on the Cape Cod red table before anyone noticed. 


Counselors can’t wait for campers to get here, and I can’t wait to watch all of the excitement. Staff celebrated last night with their annual Lobster Banquet marking the end of staff training and the beginning of the official start of camp. A big thank you and shout out to Mike and the crew in the kitchen for a fantastic and delicious meal! 


Thanks to Mike and all the kitchen staff!


At the end, counselors were udderly shocked by special guests handing out ice cream for dessert. 



Over the past couple of days they have been working with their co-counselors to put together the details of their cabins, as well as attending camp meetings to prepare. 



In addition, our AWACs (Awaiting Work As Counselors) arrived yesterday! They made it in time for our first official camp meeting in front of the Gazebo and have been working with ARPs (AWAC Resource Person), Bela and Alma to begin training and prepare for cabin assignments and camper arrival. 


When campers arrive, they will be greeted by their counselors, and after COVID testing, will get to hang out in the backyard, playing frisbee, board games, and making friendship bracelets. 


After dinner, counselors have prepared Opening Skits to introduce campers to the classes offered at HVC. Campers will gather in the Rec Hall to watch the performance.


I wanted to teach a class on burrowing, but Pippin, our alpaca, let me know that despite his requests to teach a myriad of animal care courses, only human staff are allowed to direct classes. Sounds to me like the human folk are ground-hogging all of the fun. 


After the first night in their cabins, Sunday will be Orientation Day. Campers will sign up for their classes, meet with their cabins and take a tour of camp, hang out in the backyard, take a swim, and end the day with Pinegrove. 


Pinegrove is one of my favorite camp activities. I always plop myself next to one of the logs around the fire, while the entire camp gathers to tell stories, sing songs, and read poetry as an introduction to an incredible summer of endless fun. 


Monday, campers’ second day of camp is officially deemed, “Monday Funday!” Campers will do a fun activity with their cabins, run by their cabin’s counselors. Some campers will spend their day working with pro-staff in certain areas. 


The Staff Talent Show is Monday Funday’s evening program. Campers can expect to see counselors perform all kinds of acts from skits to songs to even more surprise talents. 


Speaking of talent, I’ve been working on good blog endings. Here’s what I’ve come up with. 



Go-pher Girl

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