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Around the World Day!

Tuesday, July 4th, 2023

Hi there from a Laazy Daaay (yaay)!!

After a slightly later wakeup and hearty breakfast outside, we began the day with the HVC version of cabin cleanups featuring cleaning and preparing for quirky cabin inspections!

Yesterday, we wrapped up an energetic day of classes with good vibes only for cabin nights (see the full list below!). Whether crafting in a studio, whipping up s’mores or making the most of a balmy summer evening playing games in the backyard, all fell asleep with fond new memories as they awaited today.

Here at HVC, we mark the Independence Day holiday by acknowledging the history of the land we’re on and by celebrating the wide range of places in the US our campers and counselors hail from. We all wore t-shirts from a range of places (see the pics below!) and shared some of our favorites at camp meeting this morning. Peter also took time to tell us a bit about the history of the land HVC is on, which was and still is home to the Wabanaki people, one of the largest groups of Indigenous tribes in the US and Canada. We talked about how the Wabanaki once used camp road to trade goods and move their communities from the coast more inland. You can read lots more about the ways HVC’s 400 acres have been used throughout history here. We also took a moment to recognize the ways Indigenous communities here in Maine and across the country are fighting for the same freedoms we all enjoy. And we finished it all off with a rousing rendition of “If I Had a Hammer!,” lead by Meg and Elise.

This morning, we continued learning about other countries and cultures with our Around the World lazy day activities. We played sports from different countries, competed in international trivia as well as created languages, maps, and flags of our own.

Talk Soon,

H.V. Scribe

Cabin Night Activities

LCH: Made glass beads

Avalon: Made s’mores

Loons: Worked in the wood shop

Bermuda Triangle: Made Glass Creations

Chateau Fiasco: Archery

Forbidden Plant: Cooked Hotdogs, veggie dogs, beans, and s’mores over a fire

Wombles: Made glass creations

French Quarter: Made fairy houses and cupcakes

Paquatahnee: Made s’mores and drawing activities

Muskingum: Made s’mores

Valhalla: Movie night

Camelot: Painted curtains

Fiddler’s Green: Made s’mores at the lake

Shangri-La: Made s’mores

Taj Majal: Baked cookies

Haley’s Comet: Decorated horseshoes

Community: Made pizza






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