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Another arrival day, come and gone!

Saturday, July 23rd, 2016


Good evening, folks! Humming Bird here! BOY, have we had quite the day! You heard a little bit about it from Miss Melody, but here’s the scoop on what’s happened since then…

THE NEW YORK AND BOSTON BUSES ARRIVED!! There was a slight delay with the New York Older bus, but GET THIS: THEY HAD A BUS-RIDE CANDY DROP! WHAAAAAAT?? Don’t believe me? Check out photos. The Younger bus arrived around 6:00 this evening, and campers were reunited with friends, old and new! They joined us for fried chicken dinner in the dining hall, and then on to Opening Night Skits! We had a HILARIOUS performance by Moses, Lucy and Alex, who were our comically ineffective info-mercial salespeople! Check out photos of the hilarity that ensued! Our funny MC’s led us through the different class areas at camp. We heard about every class that will be offered these first two weeks of the session, for which campers will get to sign up tomorrow! Can’t wait to see what our young friends decide to take! Sometime during the show, the New York Older bus arrived, and we took a brief intermission to welcome our weary travelers into our cabins with open arms!

Now, at 10:26PM, our campers and staff alike are tucked into their bunk beds, peacefully snoozing and getting lots of rest in preparation for our day tomorrow. We’ll get camp tours, we’ll sign up for classes, we’ll take our swim evaluations, we’ll bond as cabin groups… it’ll be beautiful! Stay tuned for more updates on our beautiful, sunny orientation day! Make sure you’ve got your water bottle and sunscreen, it’ll be a sweaty one– the lake will be a welcome relief!

Until then, I’ve got to get some beauty sleep myself!

Humming along,

Humming Bird


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