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An incredible ValleyFest!

Wednesday, August 11th, 2021

Dear Families,

As you will read and see in today’s dispatch, last night’s ValleyFest (HVC’s talent show) provided a lovely occasion for the community to celebrate. At the beginning of the evening we told the group that ValleyFest is our favorite activity with all of the singing, dance and comedy acts created by campers of all ages. And 22 performances later we were not disappointed. In fact, this month’s event was one of the most impressive Valley Fest’s ever, and not just because of what we saw on the gazebo stage. It was the audience that impressed us more than anything, with older campers cheering on the younger campers, everyone involved, all of us deeply appreciating what we saw and heard.

As we have been reflecting lately on the culture of HVC’s community, one that encourages this sort of rich community expression. Visiting performers have remarked on the unique nature of HVC’s camper group, its willingness to participate and ability to think and act “outside the box.” We have had a handful of older staff return to give us a hand and they too have been struck by the joyous tone this group has struck.

All this in a year when experts questioned campers’ readiness for group life. Your children have demonstrated to themselves and others that they have not forgotten how to be kids. Nor have they lost the capacity to join together and create a positive community culture. We could not be more proud of them. 


With that great note from Meg and Peter, I’ll take it from here! 

It’s Mag-O-Llama here with your daily update, and as you can tell from that warming message, Valley Fest was a total success! 

Some campers chose to sing wonderful songs, some chose to dance or play an instrument, and others got creative with things like “Big Macarena”, “Chug Jug the fortnite song,” and a beautiful “Homage to the Morgue.” Needless to say, these campers have some amazing talent and It’s always awesome to see them perform. 

In addition, yesterday was a lazy day and the middle/younger half campers went glow bowling! They had an amazing glow in the dark bowling party all to themselves, it was a special moment for all! 

Older half got up to some trivia and had an amazing time and all campers had a cabin inspection! 

With that update underway, I’m off to snag some whole grain pretzel snacks from the snack shack! 

Peace, Love, and Llama Hugs, 


P.S. Please note we posted two blog updates today, there was a minor glitch in our uploads!


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