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An Amazing Arrival Day!

Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

Fiddlers Green happy as can be!

Hi guys! It’s Mama Iguana here to give an evening update! After a day full of welcoming campers, reuniting with old friends, and learning about classes to take, arrival day is officially over!

This afternoon, campers went back to their cabins to have a delightful rest period, finish unpacking, and have time to relax and organize before gathering in the front yard at 5:30 to welcome the buses! Everyone gathered in cabins in the front yard and cheered as the buses rolled through camp. Meg and various counselors greeted campers one by one as they hopped off the bus to find their cabin mates! We then got all the luggage to the cabins and went to the gazebo for our first evening meeting! The Program Directors (Katie, Georgia, Kevin, Michelle, and Alanna) put on a wonderful skit to welcome everyone, with help from the Apprentices. After a big celebration of everyone’s arrival, cabins shuffled into the dining hall for a delicious dinner… fried chicken!

After dinner, we had opening night skits! Our night was full of deleted scenes from various movies including Moana and the chicken, Finding Nemo, and much more! In between skits, counselors introduced classes they will be teaching for the first two weeks of camp. This was a great way for campers to start thinking about what classes they wanted to sign up for before orientation day tomorrow.

During orientation day tomorrow, cabins will do swim evaluations, meet with the nurses at the Health Lodge (ouch!), get a tour of camp, take photographs of cabin groups, and sign up for classes. Cara B. and I will be back tomorrow with updates on orientation day.

After a shvitzy night, campers are now all warm and dry in their cabins and tucked in for bed. There’s so much excitement in the air for all the fun to come! Enjoy more photos from arrival day, as well as some shots from opening night skits.

Sleep tight!

Mama Iguana

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