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Aloha Tuesday and Day Two of Classes!

Tuesday, July 24th, 2018

Wombles goes for a swim!

Aloha, friends and fellows! It’s me, Cara B., back again with the latest at HVC.

Last night was the first Cabin Night of the session! Cabin Night is a super awesome evening program- each cabin does a special activity with just their cabin group. It was the perfect way to get to know our cabin mates a bit better as we begin our month together. Here’s what everyone got up to:

Loons swam at the lake and made s’mores

Gimme Shelter did an egg drop

Down Under did tie-dye

French 1/4 made glass beads and flamingo beaks

Paquatahnee went on a treasure hunt that led to banana boats

Avalon swam at the pool

LCH had a birthday party!

Shangri-La went on a scavenger hunt that led to a spa night and hot cocoa

Wombles made waffles

Camelot splatter painted a cabin flag and had a camp fire

Wabanaki did an art project in the Animal House

Chateau Fiasco swam at the lake and made s’mores

Valhalla did Tipi Zip

Fiddler’s Green did a cookie baking challenge (the camper doing the mixing couldn’t see, the camper with the recipe couldn’t speak, and the camper giving directions couldn’t hear!)

Bermuda Triangle made their own burrito dinner and camped out at Tipis

Forbidden Planet cooked their own dinner as well

Taj Mahal had a big circle night and celebrated national hamster day

How amazing does that sound?? We headed back to our cabins as the sun went down for a good night’s rest. This morning, we put on our best whacky tourist floral shirts and flower garlands for Aloha Tuesday! On our way to breakfast, we saw that photos of the AWACS and candy bags had been hung up around camp. The campers knew right away what this meant- the candy drop candy has been sorted! The dining hall was buzzing with candy drop conspiracy theories as we munched on yummy french toast with strawberry sauce. During morning meeting, campers shared some of these theories. French 1/4 believes that the drop will occur three days after the overcast weather clears, while Gimme Shelter believes that what we should really be focusing on is when Junk Food Day will be. I’m sure we’ll hear even more theories at evening meeting after the candy drop conspiracy discussions continue during interest groups. Even the spirit animal of the day was candy drop related!

Today is the second day of classes! Campers are settling into their daily routines here; working on projects in stained glass and wood shop, getting to know their teammates in basketball and soccer, swimming and paddle boarding at the lake, and cuddling with all of the animals! Tonight is Meg’s Rodeo, a fantastic fun-filled night with lots of different activities. Mama Iguana will be sure to give you the full scoop tomorrow.

That’s all for now! Enjoy photos from Cabin Night and Classes!

Climbing away,

Cara B. Ner


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