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Aloha Junk Food Day!

Tuesday, August 7th, 2018

Valhalla hanging at the playground at Lake St. George!

Hey there, It’s Mama Iguana! Hope everyone is staying in the shade and hydrated, we definitely are here! It’s been super warm the past two days so campers are getting in the sprinklers, classes are going to the lake and pool, everyone is staying super dooper hydrated, and of course, sunscreen has been applied! I know I promised you all that I’d explain more about the lazy day yesterday so let’s take a step back before I tell you all about today and the special surprise everyone was waiting for…

The younger half stayed on camp for Mario Party day! We had some great activities planned featuring some of our counselors dressed up as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Toad, Bowser, and Wario. The activities were as follows: a cart race, an egg and spoon race, bowser “bomb” explosion sorting, a build and destroy, and a mushroom bounce! Sadly, we ended up pausing the games so that we could all cool off and start playing some water games! There was a slip ‘n slide, people were playing water balloon toss, the sprinkler was running its own game of This or That, there was a huge game of drip drip drop, and everyone was drinking water! Although we didn’t finish Mario day, we definitely made the morning a cool, wet success!

While the younger half was all splashing around on camp, the older half took a bus to Lake St. George to chill by the lake and go swimming! People were hanging out on the playground, making friendship bracelets, playing cards, and chilling in the shade with friends! The lake time ended with a lovely picnic before packing up the buses and heading back to camp!

There was also another special trip happening while this was all going on. Brumby, our horse program, went to Seahorse Stables for special lessons from staff there and more practice for the Brumby show on Fair Day! Stay tuned for more information on the show in the next few days!

After a wonderful lazy day, campers gathered by the gazebo for Valleyfest! There were so many talented acts throughout the night. There was dancing, singing, magic tricks, acting, animal noises, and more! It was so amazing to see the talent that each camper brings to camp in their own, unique ways. Peter always says this is his favorite evening program and I 100% agree with him! In the photos below, there will be a description of what each act was.

Everyone got a good nights sleep for today’s special surprise… JUNK FOOD DAY! Everyone flooded into the dining hall (in a calm manner, of course) to eat donuts, pop tarts, and cereal. Don’t worry, there’s always healthy options like eggs and fruit and spinach for those of us who don’t enjoy starting our day with loads of sugar. Cara B. will talk more tomorrow what is to come during lunch and dinner!

That’s all for now! Make sure to check the blog tomorrow for more details on Junk Food Day and tonight’s evening program, the Bug and B(ee) Dance!!!!


Mama Iguana

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