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ALOHA! It’s Tuesday!

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019

Happy Aloha Tuesday HVC! It’s Mag-O-Llama here to give you those good morning updates! To start off the beautiful morning, we had FRENCH TOAST AND STRAWBERRIES!!! Our kitchen staff really rocks if you ask me!

As Hummingbird mentioned yesterday, last night was cabin night!!! Each cabin did something fun and individualized to their group! Check out the pictures below to see the fun they all had! Today the fun will continue and campers will continue their classes that they signed up for! You can check out the fun class pictures below! 🙂

Yesterday during evening camp meeting we had a Rubix cube intuition vs. algorithm face-off and … Drum roll, please… INTUITION WON!!!! Check out the pictures below to see the incredible battle.

Tonight’s evening program is MEG’S RODEO/LLAMAPALOOZA!!!!!!!! Campers will play games such as kitten toss, rock tree bridge, dizzy bat, and many more! Stay tuned for pictures to come!!

I’m going to go dance in the rain!

Peace, Love, and Llama Hugs 🙂



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