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Aloha, friends! Valleyfest, teen programs and more!

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016


Good morning, folks! Humming Bird here! Last night we had an incredible night of talent, as we sat and enjoyed Valley Fest! What’s Valley Fest? It’s an AWESOME evening program, in which our campers get to show us what they’ve got! We had singing, dancing, gymnastics, magic, counselor impersonations, contortionism, even blowing up a balloon with a nose! Craziness! Check out the photos, and thank you folks at home for sharing your talented campers with us!

Now today it’s a beautiful Aloha Tuesday! Our campers and counselors alike are dressed in their finest florals– and you know who else? The AWACs!! On a trip to Goodwill, the AWACs all acquired their very own Hawaiian shirts for the weekly holiday, and they can be seen sporting the tropical fashions all over camp today! Check out the photo!

And now, here’s an update on our Teen Programs! HVA went Kayaking in Rockport Harbor– we’ve got some beautiful photos of the trip, check it out! Today, their counselors will present a leadership workshop to the campers, during which they’ll learn more about what goes into planning an outdoor adventures trip. They’ll even get to plan their very own day trip for the group! Pretty incredible– stay tuned for more on that! The group has an upcoming trip to Quebec, and they are looking forward to some rock climbing and rafting as well! We’ll bring you all the updates on that as they come!

Alive has been up to lots of artsy fun! An exclusive interview with Alive counselors revealed that the show is coming along nicely, with scripts and parts distributed, and production well underway. I got a tip that the Artists took a trip into Belfast yesterday to scout out costumes for the show. Insiders hinted at an additional ice cream trip that may or may not have occurred… Today the group will take a trip to Colby College to tour their art museum and receive an exclusive workshop in printmaking! Lucky duckies! We’ll be sure to take pictures for all you folks at home!

Tonight on Main Camp we’re looking forward to a Vowel Dance! Everyone will dress up as something that begins with a vowel– and we’ll have lots of letter-themed games to play! Stay tuned for pictures and updates on that!

Until then, I’m off to eradicate extraneous anti-vowels in my arsenal of words.

Humming along,

Humming Bird


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