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Aloha, Aloha, Aloha!

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015


Hello, hello! It’s Humming Bird here, with updates on a fabulous Cabin Night last night!

Every cabin enjoyed some stellar quality time together, with activities ranging from campfire s’mores to making glass beads!

Loons made beautiful finger painted art in the backyard! LCH enjoyed a classic twist on time camp favorite by putting s’mores in ice cream cones, while Avalon made a painty slip and slide! Gimme Shelter performed an initiation ceremony, consistent with their Birds of Prey theme, and Bermuda Triangle did an egg drop from the treehouse! Chateau Fiasco had a surprise movie night in the farmhouse, and French Quarter made pizzas in our beautiful outdoor pizza oven, with help from Carmi! Forbidden Planet took a blind hike, ending in some glass bead-making and s’mores! Wombles embraced their super hero theme by making capes! Down Under went on a scavenger hunt, ending with s’mores, and Paquatahnee enjoyed the tipi zipline! Shangri-La did tye dye and batik in the Animal House, and Valhalla enjoyed campfire songs and s’mores around a cozy fire! Wabanaki made s’mores and a quilt, and the Camelot secret agents went on Mission 001– an obstacle course that led to– you guessed it!– s’mores! Taj Mahal had a goddess initiation with a fire and s’mores! Halley’s Comet played team-building games, the Fiddler’s Green superheroes made capes, masks and shields, to protect our beautiful camp, and Deer Meadows went rock climbing in Camden! We are just so excited about Cabin Night that we need all of the exclamation points!!!!!!!!

As you can see, last night was pretty fun here at camp! But the fun doesn’t stop there! Today is Aloha Tuesday! “What’s Aloha Tuesday,” you ask?? Why, Aloha Tuesday is the best day of the week! We wear Hawaiian-themed shirts and other apparel that we feel embodies the spirit of Aloha, and at evening meeting, campers and counselors alike play the ukulele and marvel at the Aloha spirit that is ever present here at Hidden Valley! Coinciding with Aloha Tuesday is No Mail, No Meal! Campers use letters and postcards home as a ticket in to dinner tonight. But never fear, if any camper doesn’t have a letter or postcard already written, counselors are stationed at the dining hall doors with blank paper and pens so everyone can eat! Parents, be on the lookout for updates from your happy campers!

After a delicious dinner tonight, we have a rolicking Meg’s Rodeo! Counselors will be stationed around Deer Meadows field, running different events for campers to participate in! Of course we’ll have old fan favorites like Blind Llama Sculpting (clay pictionary) and the Laugh Sheriff– I hear he’s pretty hard to crack this year! But there will also be some new classics, like the Tissue Box Wiggle, in which campers tie a tissue box of ping pong balls to their backs and must wiggle the ping pong balls out of the box, with no hands!

We are so excited about all of the fun things coming up for us here on this beautiful, sunny Tuesday, and can’t wait to show you all the pictures of our Rodeo!! Look out for them tomorrow!

Humming Bird

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