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Almost Halfway! Time Flies!

Wednesday, July 8th, 2015


Reunited after Bazzinga

Reunited after Bazzinga

Hello, hello, hello!! This is Humming Bird here, with a special report on our last day of the first round of classes!! It’s a beautiful, hot day here at camp, and our classes are all winding down, with counselors and campers alike gearing up for the next two weeks! Before I get to our halfway-through-the-session celebrations, I’ll fill you in on last night’s festivities!

During evening meeting, we had a Candy Drop scare!! A fourth-year counselor, Thad, was missing from meeting, setting everyone on high alert, because it’s always fourth-year counselors in the Candy Drop plane! AND THEN! As Peter was making his evening announcements, Hidden Valley heard a rumbling up in the sky… it was overwhelming! Campers and counselors stood in unison, eyes fixed on the clouds, no one breathed as the camp all held a collective breath until we saw, emerging quite loudly from the thick, stratus clouds, A HELICOPTER!!!!! Most certainly NOT the Candy Drop plane. Campers and counselors were equally disappointed with the outcome of the scare, and I won’t point any fingers, but there were tears. (I was one of the criers, as I was so convinced it would be yesterday! I had my pillow case at the ready!! Oooh, the humanity!)

Anyhoo, after that tearful meeting, our campers enjoyed BAZZINGA!!! What’s Bazzinga, you say? It’s a night of pure madness! Our counselors switched cabins for the night, and went around with their new cabins to different activities!

Camelot, Taj Mahal, and Deer Meadows played Quidditch on the soccer field!

Wombles, Down Under, Paquatahnee, French Quarter, and Shangri-La put on a Newspaper Fashion Show for the rest of the camp!

Loons, LCH, and Avalon played a game of Man Hunt in the Backyard!

Bermuda Triangle, Chateau Fiasco, Forbidden Planet, and Gimme Shelter played Capture the Flag at Deer Meadows Field!

Wabanaki, Fiddlers Green, and Halley’s Comet played Cascade in the pool!

Valhalla took a trip up to tipis last night and spent evening program making nature art at Pinegrove, and contemplating the role of humans in nature… how cool! And of course, they finished up the night with some s’mores around a campfire!

Community was up to some cool stuff last night, too! They cooked dinner at the lake, and built their own rafts! Today they are off to Peace Ridge Farm to volunteer!!

Today we are looking forward to tomorrow’s Super Lazy Day!! OH MY GOODNESS, SO LAZY!! The whole camp has a massive lazy day, no trips! Everyone stays in their pajamas, signs up for new classes, and does bonding activities as a cabin! It’s super duper fun and super duper lazy!! It’s also a wonderful way to welcome our incoming two-week campers!!

There’s a lot to look forward to, folks! Including THE CANDY DROP!!!!! The Super-Official Olive Oyl Humming Bird Candy Drop Probability Rating of the Day is a mere 12.34%. We will keep you posted!

Keep looking out for more exciting news from camp!

Humming Bird!!


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