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Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah Stayin’ Alive, Stayin’ Alive

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

Hi there, Hidden Valley weirdos! Alleycat here with lazy day news and a brief, though nonetheless exciting, FAIR DAY UPDATE! Aw, yeah!

Yesterday, the younger half had a blast at the roller-skating rink. Kids skated or bladed, had a snack, and played in the arcade. Everyone held onto their friends as they circled the rink and listened to some great music.

The older half stayed behind for a Broadway Bonanza lazy day. It was a musical day full of breathtaking sunshine.

Both groups had some time to hang out and relax at pool activities, where the music continued. There were all the usual activities there: reading circles, more writing in white books, friendship bracelets, a slip-n-slide, frisbee, and more.

After a delectable pizza dinner and a chunk of time afterwards for a brief start on packing, all of camp went into the rec hall for the Alive show! The teen art program Alive’s theme this year was life and among dances and other acts, scenes were weaved through the show. The premise was that the planets wanted to create a new one. After a few failed attempts, the missing ingredient was life. It was a truly spectacular evening. There was so much talent and hard work on display!

Today is fair day. Everyone is in their cabin doing a bit of cleaning or running around the front/back yard setting up their booths. After this, we will walk up to Brumby for the Brumby horse show… and then let the festivities (and chocolate fountain) begin!

Stay tuned for more, folks.

Here are some photographs from the Alive show last night, but there will be even more photos from yesterday (and today) later on!


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