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Addressing Food Insecurity In Our Own Communities

Monday, July 13th, 2020

Good Afternoon HVC! I hope your Monday has been as marvelous as you all are!

Yesterday, the PD’s and Pete talked about food insecurity in the United States, and the effects that it has in each of our communities. They also spoke about resources that each family can look at to help address food insecurities in each of our own communities. If you have not yet watched this video, click the link here! 

Going along these lines, part of our Sunday pizza initiative is to help address food insecurity within the communities close to camp! Camp has made a pledge to match all of the donations that we receive each pizza Sunday, and will be donating all of the funds to the Waldo county food assistance program.

Yesterday was our most successful pizza Sunday yet! We gave away over 30 + pizzas, and raised over $100 dollars in donations. if you’d like to see our pizza process, check out the pictures below to see how we set up our pizza station at the top of camp road!

I’ll catch you later, gators! Until next time!

Peace, Love, and Llama hugs.


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