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A Super Sunny Winter in August

Sunday, August 3rd, 2014
Meg and Tom's bagel Sunday dulcimer tradition

Meg and Tom’s bagel Sunday dulcimer tradition

Hey folks!

To start us off, we have an exciting Alive update! On August 1st, Alive participated in Belfast Statue night! Dressed as Greek Gods and other mythological beings, the Alive campers were positioned in groups of three along main street where members of the Belfast community engaged with the living statues. After successfully holding their poses for almost an hour, Alive enjoyed some delicious ice cream from the Cool Spot!

Yesterday’s dinner was the culmination of Junk Food Day. We had yummy calzone-like pasta and homemade well-seasoned breadsticks. We also had delicious sautéed string beans. Desert was the real cherry on the ice cream, if you will. Seriously – we had ice cream sundaes.

To get our sundaes, we all sat outside the dining hall and competed in different little contests – like making the best grumpy face and whistling the best. If a cabin won the contest, they had to enter the dining hall as a certain animal (i.e. a bunny, duck, or giraffe). Inside the dining hall, we were given cups with vanilla ice cream, and then could put chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, strawberry sauce, marshmallow fluff, whipped cream, sprinkles, and of course, cherries on top. What an amazing dessert!

After, we headed to the Rec Hall for a Winter in August dance! In addition to some seasonal tunes playing in the Rec Hall, there was much to do in the surrounding area as well. We built snow people out of cardboard, painted our faces to match the theme, played Freeze tag, sang songs together, and of course had a game of basketball going. Inside the dance, folks were jamming all over the place busting incredible moves and just having an all around great time. By the end, we were the perfect combination of content and tuckered out.

This morning’s camp meeting was one for the books. We have quirky traditions at meeting everyday. For instance, in morning meeting, we have Thought Dejour, where campers from Taj Mahal come up and share an inspirational thought. When Peter announces Thought Dejour, everyone in camp starts belting out one or the other of the Thought Dejour theme songs, and it always turns into an epic battle. We also have another cabin announce the funny made up word of the day. At evening meeting, we have the Gurus of Uselessness, who are campers from Forbidden who announce an utterly useless fact. In the evening, we also have Iron Chef, where we have two bizarre tasters test out the food that our campers create during their cooking class based on one ingredient. This morning, our Spirit Animal of the day (which is another funny announcement at meeting) summoned the spirit of the Iron Chef tasters. Their impersonation was spot on and hilarious. And no meeting is really complete without the occasional friendly kitten wandering in!  Spirit Animal always ends our morning meeting, and in the evening, Peter ends our meeting with the words, “Brice, Redwood on deck.” Those are our first two dinner groups. We have six, and all are named after different national parks. Each consecutive dinner group has another syllable. Taj announces the groups, and that’s how we get our dinners!

Well, that’s all for now!


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