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A Spectacular Dance and a Sunny Morning

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017


Having fun at the S Dance

Greetings, friends and fellows!

Luna Bug buzzing in for the morning report.

It’s Jake Day today! Whether you know who Jake is or not, today is the day that we stand with our cabin bright and early (rumor has it Loons got up at 7am!) to sing our cabin cheer and say our names while being recorded. Different things around camp will also be recorded, like parts of morning and evening meeting. In the middle of winter each camper will be sent a video created by the video staff so that we can relive awesome camp moments even in the middle of the school year!

Last night there were two really cool things that happened. First, we heard the last 3 acts from Valleyfest, which were done at evening meeting a day later because of timing issues.

After that, we had a spectacular S dance!  Every song played by our sensational spinner of the disks named Sand started with the letter s! Apart from (s)dancing campers also made soap, slime, did slam poetry, sudoku, space painting, ispy, and shadow puppets. There were some pretty sweet costumes as well like sign post t-shirts, sharknado, sleepy people in pajamas, sun butter, and sweet and sour sauce.

After belting out our greatest cabin cheers this morning, we headed to the dining hall  to be greeted by the sweet scent of blueberry sauce and pancakes. Pancake day just brings a smile to my face every time! The pancakes were a perfect way to send us into this exciting day. Although every day is exciting at HVC, today is particularly cool because we have the camper/counselor soccer game today during interest groups. At 5th period during Interest Groups, instead of getting our usual snack at the Snack Shack, we will instead head over to the soccer field to get hot dogs! Woo! Even if you don’t love soccer, it’s super fun that we get to mix it up with the dogs!

Tonight is cabin night for most of the cabins, and Community night for the older cabins. During Community Night, the oldest cabins walk down the road to Blodgett where our teen program Community hosts those cabins at their house for a little party, usually with ice cream or s’mores. It’s pretty awesome that Community does this for main camp, especially because they have such busy schedules! Yesterday they went to the Peace Ridge Animal Sanctuary to learn about how the farm worked, and today they’ll be working in the garden and around the house while they get ready for tonight.

Check out the photos from the S Dance, Community’s trip, and photos from our day to day classes!

Ciao for now!


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